What Is The Best Site To Sell A Domain For Newbies

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Hi All,

Getting into domaining as I believe the market for digital real estate will grow exponentially!

Can any experienced domainer tell me their favorite sites for quick selling?

Ease of Use and Consistency of Results are my most important criteria at this point.

Thanking you in advance for reading and responding to this!!!

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    I've always thought ebay and GoDaddy auctions are the best for newbies. It largely depends on the price you think you are going to get for your domains. Most of the "Pro" sites have listing fees and some also have some pretty large commissions on the sale.
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    i gotta second the godaddy recommendation.

    -Ike Paz
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    I'm using Godadday. It's so comfortable and easy to do with C-panel.

    Best Regard.
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    Hello there,

    For me, GoDaddy is the best domain name mine for newbies..
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    Lol everybody said about Godaddy action, but they don't know they are charging $$$.

    Flippa and Sedo are good if you have established website.

    Doing simple search on Google, will give you better result than above reply. Good Luck
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    Keep in mind that if the domain you are selling is registered with Godaddy, you can also list it for sale on Afternic which is a good aftermarket domain sales site.

    For instant gratification you should visit DNForum and Namepros. And keep up with what's happening in the industry by checking in on on the blog feed Domaining.
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    Flippa is the first one that comes to mind. I use it a lot for selling domains, sometimes even recently registered ones. I've also had some success with GoDaddy auctions. I even sold a few on the NamePro forums, but I wouldn't consider that one for consistent income. You usually get lowballed on the price there, too.
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    I was going to suggest Flippa. I have never used it. Heard good things about it. Godaddy is another great option.
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    SEDO for alot of stuff. Ebay and godaddy are reasonable. If it's a brandable then brandbucket or brandroot.

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    i have a quality portoflio of 900+ domains,

    so here is how i sell most of my domains,

    1. Godaddy (with domain discount club),
    the upgrade provide you with free premium listing and free 7 days auctions for your domains
    only interresting when you have 100+ domains

    2. List all your domains at Afternic.com , i have regular sales there

    3. you can list a domain that you want to liquidate at the forum 'namepros dot com' ,
    however i have to warn you that people there want a god deal, and usually won't pay that much for an average domain
    if your domain is in demand, you can post an auction, and it usually will sell around market value

    4. Ebay is an interresting options for some domain name

    you can contact me for any question

    all the best,
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