How Can I Make a Great FitnessBlog ? your ideas and tips needed!

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Hi guys, Im interested to make a blog on Fitness, i'm not going to write the content my self , I will hire writers to do it for me, I want to invest in this blog so I can make money in the future, I would like your help, in what niche should I make my blog about? Gym ,muscle building? Fitness tips for busy people? My Idea is to make a blog about 10 Fitness tips every day, I mean I will tell my writers to write a post about 10 fitness tips, everyday 10 cool fitness tips (it could be for bodybuilders, busy poeple anyone) for my readers, What do you think? If you have any ideas or tips that will help me build a profitable blog I would appreciate them a lot! Cheers

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    This is definitely not a niche that's easy to break into. There is a ton of fitness related content out there. You can try to check if there is an area of fitness that's not highly covered but even if you find it you should be concerned whether you can make decent quality content for a longer period of time.
    A general fitness blog would give you more room to breathe, but as I said, It's not easy to get recognized.

    I would advise you to vary your content and throw in some regular articles, not only a top 10 tips. It will build more trust and keep the users longer on the page.

    In any case I' recommend some market research before you start working on it seriously
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    You need to go out and see what the top fitness blogs are about. In the end you want to supply a demand with good content that people can use.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Originally Posted by Anis Chity View Post

    in what niche should I make my blog about? Gym ,muscle building? Fitness tips for busy people? Cheers
    Those are very general and competitive topics and unless you are an expert in any of them you are going to find it extremely hard to generate traffic to your blog......
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    If you are going to get into such a competitive and tough Niche to start out need to separate yourself from the crowd

    And imo you will NOT be able to do that with someone else writing !!

    It just won't happen !!

    You need to develop your own Voice and make it unique. I think to have a legit shot in this Niche that is the prudent way to do it

    - Robert Andrew
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    Try to find a very specific niche idea than a broad idea. It's a very competitive niche and you will need to do a lot of work to outrank competitors if you choose a broad niche.

    All the best!
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    If you have enough money to pay for high quality articles in the health and fitness market then you should have enough money to promote your content. These types of posts typically run $30-40 per article.

    First, I agree with the other posters.. I would not make every article a "top 10" article. Instead, I would use online tools to find articles that have been liked and shared on social media hundreds or thousands of times. Then, I would have my writer write related and/or better content on that topic. Then I would promote it on social media and to your audience.

    Now here's the tricky part. All of this is for nothing if you don't have a funnel in place to capture the traffic and convert it into sales.

    So, for each article your writer writes, I would also create a free report that's closely associated with it. Then, I would create a product or find a closely related affiliate product to generate sales.

    Your user would then visit your blog post, hopefully like and/or share it on social media, opt in to your list to receive your free report, then receive a 5-10 email follow up series promoting your product.

    Your email series to should cater to the needs of your target. So, as with your blog post, free report, and product, your email series should be closely related to the topic of the blog post.

    For example, your blog post may titled: "7 Reasons Your Chest Day Sucks"

    Your free report may be: "The 6 Must-Do Chest Exercises for Massive Gains"

    Your email follow up series will then tell a story about your relatable rise from lacking muscle to making significant progress.

    Email one will be your introduction, identify with the problems of having a weak chest, tell how you overcame it, and tell the customer about the product you used to see results. Think "if I can do it, you can do it."

    On your next email, tell a story like how you were in the gym or talking to a buddy and noticed that people are cheating themselves of results. Explain how the program you used to get results is better than what you see people doing or what your buddy is doing.

    On your next email, follow up with a testimonial or proof. The bigger the success story the better. For example, how someone gained 15 pounds of muscle in 8 weeks with this program.

    Then follow up with a harder sale. If it worked for me, if it worked for all these other people, it'll work for you. But don't take my word for it.. It's backed with a 60 money back guarantee so see the results for yourself.

    When someone buys the product (easier to tell when it's your own), transition to your next product. For example, maybe you want to follow up with a free gift for the top 4 must use supplements for building muscle. Then become an affiliate of a supplement company and go into detail on each supplement and how it produces next-level results.

    As you grow, you can set up multiple funnels, but they're all under the same main umbrella so you can cross promote over and over.
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    Do you have an idea of who these "writers" would be?

    For example... you could interview or ask fitness YouTubers to guest post on your blog. Not the most subscribed fitness channels (like Christian Guzman, CT Fletcher, or Omar Isuf) because I'm guessing they would be pricey.

    Instead, maybe focus on some fitness channels with only a couple thousand subscribers. Bringing in their audience would help your fitness blog and eventually you might be able to interview those much larger YouTube channels and increase your traffic.

    - Sam
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    Originally Posted by Anis Chity View Post

    I want to invest in this blog so I can make money in the future

    Be sure to gather contact information and build a subscriber list. It will be your best source of leads once you begin selling.

    This is a super competitive market and you will need to find ways to rise above all the other thousands of fitness blogs and web sites. One way to do that is to be charismatic in your blog posts. But since you are going to purchase your posts ... you'll have to find another way. Generally, writers who sell their work to bloggers don't particularly strive to be remarkable or noteworthy (maybe some do).

    I hope you have deep pockets as great writers (you said you wanted to make a great blog) are not cheap ... and they don't sell on Fiverr.

    I wish you the very best in your dream.



    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    As mentioned above it is indeed a very competitive market. As someone who has been involved in the fitness industry for may years I learned long ago that one of the major issues in fitness in general is a wealth of unqualified people posing as experts giving out mis-information.

    Hopefully you will be watching out for this and not participating.

    As Steve mentioned above work on building a list, providing good content and monetize your site.
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    you need to check out neil patel's 100k challenge

    he did it with a fitness/health blog

    -Ike Paz
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