Domain Authorization Scam?

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I recently received an offer to buy a domain. The buyer's agent wants me to use
"" to certify value and guarantee no trademark infringement.
The cost is $199 for a single domain authorization, and according to the agent, I don't have to pay if the value is below $1000 USD.

Although I realize that a buyer would want to certify value, I am new to domain selling, and would like to proceed cautiously and avoid getting scammed by anyone steering me to a bogus "value certification" site.

Has anyone had this experience, and if so, can offer any advice?

Thanks in advance for reading and your response!

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    What you're describing is an example of a long-standing and well-documented scam. The "buyer's agent" will also be the alleged domain certifier, or will be associated with it in some way.

    Anyone posing as a buyer who approaches you with such a stipulation is simply trying to relieve you of your dosh.

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    I get emails like this. I found that they are usually a scam, they don't have real buyers,
    they are just fishing for persons who are gullible enough to take their offer.

    If you want to sell a domain, I'd recommend contacting a legit broker, or sell it yourself on Sedo or Flippa.

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    I get these offers on occasion myself and they are always self serving. Maybe the buyer has a lead generation or affiliate agreement with the agent or owns a stake in the company. Maybe the buyer is the agent under disguise to you.

    The buyer can demand anything he wants, but as the domain name holder, you have all the cards right now. Ask the potential buyer to make an offer to you directly (without the middle man) with 1/2 down in advance. You will quickly see how serious he is. Then, if he is on the up-and-up, finalize the deal with an escrow account.

    How will you be ahead if you pay $199 and he doesn't buy your domain?


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I always tell the buyer to pay for the valuation themselves and I will knock the cost of the valuation off the price when they buy it, that gets rid of them.
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      Thanks for your time in replying, I appreciate your advice. I told them exactly that , and they replied that the domain must be certified by the owner. From what I've heard, that is not true. Can you verify?

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    That website looks very sketchy as well. I would avoid the guy, most likely some kind of a scam.

    If they want valuation, tell them to get it themselves from a reputable source.

    Something like SEDO >
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      Thanks for your input, your advice is appreciated, as well as your time in replying. I agree the site looks
      unprofessional, and I did tell them to order the appraisal themselves and was told that the owner must order it. Do you know if that's true? It doesn't seem to make sense.


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    Beware , this is a scam, like ( SCAM )
    I got email from scamer pretend he have a client want pay 75000$ for my domain name that not worth 2000$ or less that's the reality and i know that my domain not value this fortune , so i kept professional ( like a stupid man ) but to see the END

    I told him, to use and i will prepare the form to adjust the contract , fees and commissions , because escrow provide very useful tools for domain selling and money collection, But he incest for Apraisal and he confirm that the certificate is only needed to release the payment from the client's bank and he was sure 100% that the client will buy with the price above ( 75K ), with 5% commission for him and share fees 50/50 .

    so now way ! i must use to get that shit certificate, i filled the form, i got reply how to pay , they request about 249$ , So i mentioned in comment that i will pay only with Paypal, because i'm sure that i will recover my money if they are scammer,

    the evil Solution , they don't accept paypal, but they want me to use paypal to Buy Bitcoin from top marketplace then send them on Bitcoin !! So i know that the refund policy is not applied on BTC , you will never recover your money, i believe that Bitcoin is the money of darkNet , so i never use that.

    Scam revealead , every service that avoid using paypal or Escrow, that mean there is no client and no offer, that mean the broker or the agent is the same of pretending certification firm ( only scam ) there is No Certification to your domain or fake ownership certificate.

    if you want valuate or appraise your domain, use the service of Sedo or flippa.
    and proceed deal through

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