I have a sytem to get thousands of targeted, responsive Instagram followers in just a few months.

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And by thousands I mean 20k - 50k Instagram followers.

What can I do with this information in terms of monetizing it?

And they are targeted, responsive followers. Meaning they actively like, comment, and interact with my photos. They aren't just "there".

I built this up over a few months and it took time for me to really get a system in place which I followed daily, and it helped me build up this fan base. Its happened on a few different accounts in a couple of different niches.

What I want to know is, how do I go about monetizing this method? A lot of people sell courses and software to increase Instagram followers, but none of them work the way the system I have worked out manually does. Plus they often get you banned or your account suspended. But my system works within Instagram guidelines perfectly, in fact I think sometimes Im holding back too much for fear of being suspended and could get more followers per day if I was more aggressive.

The problem here is that for my system to work, you either have to do one of two things.

1. Use Instagram once ever hour to follow people, and 10 times a day in total. Plus all the time it takes to like photos, post comments, research tags and post my own photos. This is what I did to grow my accounts so much, so fast.

2. Use a software that will do all that for you.

Thing is, this software doesn't exist. And I don't know how to create it. Is it worth paying someone to create software that automates the system? And then try to sell it?

Or should I just write a course detailing step by step what to do, and hope people are dedicated enough to tough it out in the early weeks and months of building their accounts to actually buy my course?

Any advice here?
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    Sounds like you've got yourself a good topic for a report or ebook that you can turn around and tweet or post on FB. You might be surprised with the results since there are many (even here on WF) that would be glad to take a look at your information. Set up a landing page once you've completed your project and start building a targeted list of happy customers. Dont give away all the juicy details in a single report yet stretch out your information over a 5-7 email sequence, find some other products on CB/ Warrior plus/ JVZoo etc..so you got an upsell, or downsell depending on your price point.
    Good Luck
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    When you say the software doesn't exist, I seriously doubt that..

    People have been botting Instagram since the day it was created.

    What is the method? Sounds like you're mass following people every hour and hoping they follow you back. (This completely destroys your reach btw.)

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    If you want to sell a course... then... the hardest part is the way you prove it if your method really works to your upcoming prospect! Refund guarantee doesn't work as simple as before anymore.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
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