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I am stumped by this! Are you....?

I'm wondering how smart Google is about handling redirects. For example, let's say I have a backlink on another site. The backlink points to a page on my site that doesn't actually exist, but is being redirected via htaccess to an affiliate product page on another site. Does the link love from that backlink pass to me or to company I'm selling for?
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    Anyone out there figured this out?
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  • the company you are selling for gets the backlink more than likely

    also, google DOES follow redirects, they even tell you specifically to use a 301 if the change is permanent

    301 redirects - Webmasters/Site owners Help

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      Okay, the company I'm selling for gets a backlink credit, but are they getting it from me or from the original article? For example...

      Let's say I write an article about a book I like. The article has a link back to my site. So this article gets posted somewhere with a do-follow and now I have a backlink. The backlink points to a non-existent page on my site that is 301-redirected to Amazon.

      When someone visits the site where the article is posted (squidoo, hubpages whatever) and clicks on my backlink, they end up at Amazon but they have to go thru my site to get there....

      So is Amazon getting credit for a backlink from my site, or is their link juice coming from the site where the article is posted?

      If there is no backlink juice for me coming from this article, am I better off bringing people to a landing page and then hoping a certain percentage will go to the trouble of clicking on my affiliate link from there?
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    Amazon's getting credit for the backlink. The link juice from the article site is passed along to Amazon, and redirected THROUGH your site.

    That's the way I understand it. You SHOULD bring them to a landing page with some of your own content PRESELLING them.
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      Thanks everyone! This sounds like something every affiliate should know about. Good stuff.
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