At juncture on ideas - Been filming chefs make healthy Thai (detox) recipes in Thailand-How to sell?

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Hi all,
I've not really been around here much (apologies) but maybe this can be an opportunity to JV with someone in one way or another.

I'm at junction in what way to market a new product. I've spent quite a few months in between other things going around restaurants in Chiang Mai northern Thailand filming chefs at mostly veggie places rustle up fast-ish Thai detoxy dishes that most can get together in the west fairly easily (in return I've been reviewing their restaurants and putting up their info the website - right now the site is a list of restaurant/recipe reviews).

The idea being it being called the Thai Detox Diet making it a recipe/slash weight loss product with its selling point being the (live) video footage of the chefs making the dishes and then packaging the vids into a recipe guide (which I'm having difficulty figuring out the best way to host) and then ideally selling it as an info product that is accessible across all devices.

This is only my 2nd product, first flat-lined so still very green.

Among the pile of questions/thoughts:

* Should I make it a diet + recipe guide or stress more on it being a diet or Thai, or video recipe guide?
* The sales page - template/format ideas, long a salesy or short and more succinct like the hybrid versions or recent paleo diets
* Do you think a video recipe guide book is a good idea?
* Or simply offer it for free to build list then do another and market it to the list and build membership slowly
* Ideas on working with someone/s to get this up and running the "proper way"?

Appreciate any input one might have,
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