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Brad Morse of Morse Promotions started the above with lots of promises in regard to commissions, products in 2006. My team worked diligently to sign up members (around 700). There even was a promise of SuperBowl advertising. Well......there are no longer conference calls or contact services and many were duped into thinking Morse would keep his promises. There is a new website that only lists downline, no products to sell. Now Morse has a new site, "SuperAffiliate". He is once again making promises for commissions and charging members for various items which, judging from the past, I would say there may be no delivery or at best the product may not be quality.
I feel I have already tarnished my reputation somewhat by my previous promotion of E4L. I have also lost a small amount of money paid for guaranteed customers. No products, no customers!
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    Hi Norine!

    The Warrior forum is the perfect place to post things like this and I'm glad you did.

    I was a faithful E4Ler for quite some time and I know you from the room
    Although I didn't build a big downline, I helped a lot of members at that time and did a lot of graphic/tech help with any members that needed help as did a lot of other regular members in that "strange hot conference room"

    I recently (finally) got logged into the new back office that was promised. Well... It's just a mess point blank. All my members emails are mixed up and there's nothing to sell.

    After literally embarrassing my self by promoting such a failure, I gave up on online marketing in part because I finally got a great job as in IT specialist and also because I sank so much effort into something and never got the rewards from it or acknowledgement/ service from the owner. (who "graced us with his appearance" when he could and left it up to other hard core E4Lers to hold the fort.

    E4L will not work for many reasons, the biggest reason is customer relations. I got tired of promoting a bizop that was promising, not delivering and the guy that you were building a business for, was not part of his own team.

    Like you said in your post, he's got a big list now and trying to market to others with alternate products.

    I've never been treated like this when I've endorced or supported a product that excited me like this before. It was the most unprofesional attempt at making an online business that I've been a part of, albiet not many.

    Up until a couple months ago, I still had hope for a behind schedule business opportunity but when E4L started using the list to sell me other ideas and products without reporting a success or failure with E4L or keeping in touch with us then I finally gave up. I leave my corrupted backoffice as it is and my $20 VIP status as just that... a $20 VIP status in a company that doesn't work with it's members. Wow I feel Very Important People!

    Now I actively speak out against E4L and took my Movie Trailers site that I had planed to sell DVD's from and turned it into a Porn site out of spite... well not all out of spite

    Best regards,

    Robert aka Raintowers
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