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Hey, am from Greece and am talking about google.gr guys. So my idea is to make a site with for ex old cars etc. After i make my research with planner etc i see that there are ton on traffic for that keywds and no bigs sites. So i can easy beat them after few weeks prob.

My questions are:

I will build and rank the site AFTER i will have some content there, but this site will be "find the best offer" site. So i need to build it putting there some of them for total free etc? And then after i have the serults i can try sell the "space" on the site? Thats kinda crapy, what do you think?

2nd q:

Where i can found any info about build that kinda site if i am not willing to pay for it?
I see a lot of ppl offering tutorials about sites for sells etc bun nothing like i want, am talking about something like this :


Thank you.
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    planner doesn't give info on sites? Second hand cars in Greece right now? Flooded market!

    The 'i have no money for a site' means you need to learn wordpress.
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    Hey man, i was waiting for ppl to post off topic stuff like you did. 2nd hand cars was an example as you can read. So if anyone will post something, please read the post at first, then post ONLY if you have somthing to post, no need to post things that are on forums already.

    Oh yes,

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