Good FTP Program Other Than Filezilla?

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What are some free ftp programs out there that you'd consider to be the most reliable and good (other than filezilla)?

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    Cyberduck is pretty good. I use it on the Mac, not sure if a Windows version exists.
    Lee Harding
    The Architect
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    I sometimes use core ftp lite which is free also...

    Horses for courses though...
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      Originally Posted by pjlyons1uk View Post

      I sometimes use core ftp lite which is free also...

      Horses for courses though...
      I second that. Been using it for years and never had any issues.

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    Been using the FireFTP plugin for FireFox so I
    can upload right from my browser and love it!
    No problems at all so I'm happy...
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    This is a review site for many free FTP
    www (dot)thefreecountry (dot) com/webmaster/freeftpclients (dot) shtml
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      Over the years, I've used WSFTP, CuteFTP, and FileZilla. Currently, I use FileZilla -- but I'm probably going to switch back to CuteFTP. Cute isn't a freeware product, but I think there is a free trial. It's the best one I've used in terms of ease-of-use and reliability.

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    Coreftp isn't bad at all for a lightweight ftp it's free. Cuteftp has been my proggie of choice over the years though.
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    I use aceftp, both free and pro version are great. Very simple and easy to use ftp software in my point of view.

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    I have been using filezilla. I fail to see why you want to change.

    I used to use Cute but when they went paid I switched to filezilla.
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    I also use FireFTP. The only thing I don't like is that it won't upload htaccess files for some reason so i have to do that manually. But the convenience is great.
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      I have been using Filezilla. I like it and use it.

      Here is another one that I found that you should probably check out .

      GoFTP :: Home :: Fast, Free FTP Client

      They have a paid version but most of us will qualify for the free version I think.

      The free version is fully functional and there are NO nag screens. The free version is free to all individuals, companies, and corporations with 50 employees or less. Please read our license agreement for more details.

      Their homepage has a pagerank of 7.

      More info on the program at: GoFTP :: Support :: Documentation and Frequently Asked Questions

      I am going to try it. It's always good to have more than one source.

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    From all, I like cuteftp the best.
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    I have been using Smart FTP for years. Can't remember exactly when I started using it, but I know this app is in the best list of its kind.

    It failed me one time, after they upgraded, but it was quickly fixed.

    Get it, it won't fail you.
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    I am also happy with Filezilla and don't understand why you wanna switch. The other that I sometimes use the the FireFTP with Firefox.

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    flashFXP is the best ftp program in my opinion. but really they are all pretty much the same.

    --Corey Lewis

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    I use CuteFTP. Another solution is FireFTP which is a lightweight Firefox (web browser) plugin.
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    I use core ftp and never had problem with that...
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