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can anyone tell me if BuxHost dot com - Kick start your own PTC business today!is a legit site they offer to build you a PTC site and offer tech support for $25 a month and says you can make between $0 - $10,000 a month. Is this possible if i put in the effort?

Please reply Thank You.
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    OK, I'll bite. What's a PTC site?
    you can make between $0 - $10,000
    Some range they got there. Pretty much covers everything. I'll bet that most people are closer to $0 than $10,000.
    Save your money and look around here. There are plenty of valuable ideas. Check out the Review section too.
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    DONT waste your time with ptc's its dead. so many sites. unless you have 10000's to spend. don't bother.
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    Ptc's biggest waste of time.. A big problem is what payment processor would you use.. Paypal don't like ptc
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    It is legit...but as everyone says...it is dead.

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