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Hello Warriors,

Just to give a bit of a background about myself. I am a Freelance WordPress Developer creating WordPress sites since 8 years. Most of my work used to be from freelance sites such as Elance, Odesk (both combined to UpWork now) and I have 5 star ratings on all sites. Finding a client is not too hard for me.

I have a domain name as well but I never really bothered to create a site for myself there since 1) I was too busy creating websites and 2) I never really thought there is a need for it since I have a good client base through freelance sites.

However, I am now trying to expand and build an identity of myself on the internet where clients can directly contact me for any work.

Now here is my case.

1) I have a personal domain name where I have listed all the services that I provide like a usual portfolio site.

2) I got another domain where I can showcase the free themes and plugins that I build and people can download it for free.

So my question to everyone here is that is it good to go with two sites or better if I integrate everything into my own personal domain.

The reason why I am asking this is coz I wanted to create a brand of myself over the internet where I would be providing services to clients. And on the other hand, a community based site where I would be showcasing the themes and plugins that I offer to the public for free with free support as well.

I don't want to list the themes/plugins on both sites or that will confuse google about which site to rank for that specific theme/plugin.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to hear from the Warriors.

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    Hi Patrick:

    You should probably go with one site.
    If you are going to service paying customers then you want to set up a sign -in process on your website so your paying customers can access more information/training than free customers/visitors.
    Bait the free customers and list most of the things they get if they pay for extra/special services.
    Good luck.

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    One efficient site would be best. People tend to want all the info in one place and don't really like having to swap from one site to another, particularly if there is no incentive. Best of luck.
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    Originally Posted by Patrick View Post

    The reason why I am asking this is coz I wanted to create a brand of myself over the internet where I would be providing services to clients.
    I understand the temptation to do that, but consider your exit strategy.

    When the time comes to sell the business it's going to be more difficult.
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    Two sites are better than one I'd say. I like the idea of having more then one location. Each being a specific not a generality. Just a thought....
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    If it were me, I'd definitely go with a single site unless there were some major points of confusion for users. In your case, it doesn't sound like that's really the case.
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