Who here is affected by cloudbleed? Sites using cloudflare have a major security problem

by pauloadaoag Administrator
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This is all over the internet.

Essentially, web requests to Cloudflare-backed sites received answers which included random information from other Cloudflare-backed sites! This information could potentially include confidential information (private messages on dating sites, emails), user identity information (Personally Identifying Information (PII), and potentially in a healthcare context, Protected Health Information (PHI), or user, application, or device credentials (passwords, API keys, authentication tokens, etc.)
WF was lucky to not be using any cloudflare services, but with the huge number of affected sites seems like lots of us will have to reset passwords out of necessity.

Cloudbleed: Big web brands leaked crypto keys, personal secrets thanks to Cloudflare bug

Cloudbleed: how to deal with it
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