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I'm about to figure out how to post on forums and contribute without obvious smelly marketing approach.

This post got my attention:
excellent post.

On a more practical note, I have discovered using clickers attached to wrist bands to be more comfortable than just holding a clicker. I bought some that look like these on Amazon
.........Amazon Link........
In one of my classes, one of the students asked how does the dog discriminate who's clicking. The teacher said that the dog recognizes their owners click and disregards clicks from others. I'm not quite sure how that works but I assume that we all press down a little differently on the clicker and perhaps the dog is sensitive and responds to those differences?

Trying to build some sort of cheat sheet or quick reference guide:
I have this:
other student

website and item:
amazon, clicker

Reason of buying item:

Closely related.
Is there a tutorial/book that I can get that are going through these techniques?
What techniques do you use?
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    I've earned a ton of money through forum marketing.

    You're way over analyzing this. The way to earn money
    through forums is simple. Pick a topic that you are truly
    expert in and contribute to the forum. Every time you see
    a post that's related to your specialty you offer a solution
    to whatever problem is being asked about.

    You develop a product on the subject and link to it in your
    sig file or in your profile if they don't allow sigs. If you truly
    know what you're talking about regarding the subject developing
    a product shouldn't be difficult. If it is, contract it out to
    someone with product development experience.

    Posting cheesy links to Amazon listings is going to get
    you nowhere... not to mention the fact that it violates
    FTC rules on disclosing the fact that you earn a commission
    if they buy from your link.

    It's that simple... become known on the forum for being
    the go to expert for a problem that is common to most members
    and there's no limit to the money you can earn.
    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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      Thanks for the post.
      I scanned about 10 other forums in the dog niche and I couldn't find anybody promoting their website in the signature link.
      I assume it depends on the niche.
      For example in the gaming niche I have seen plenty of links in the signature.
      Question: Do you think marketing trend in forums that can generate money has been brutally marketed and that the trend is at its lowest point right now?
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        Originally Posted by Nattsurfaren View Post

        Question: Do you think marketing trend in forums that can generate money has been brutally marketed and that the trend is at its lowest point right now?
        To some extent it has, but if people around the forum know of you, your words speak louder than the others. So it does take time. And yes, some niches are being brutally marketed, but people are still interested and there's new fish every day wanting to learn what you know.
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