Do you have Tips for a Successful VSL?

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Hello everyone, everything good?

I would like an opinion if you can!

I have a sales video, text only.

Would it be interesting to put images or takes during the video?

It's 40 minutes of caption, could anyone give me a hint?

Thank you very much.
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    I personally wouldn't listen to 5-10 mins of video before getting bored, 40 mins of caption without real images and video how many sales do you have??????

    Maybe our USA cousins will listen to an extended video offering a high-value pitch but here in the UK, it's get to the point asap. Yes we need to know the benefits, and what's in it for me, but 40 mins come on I have a life.
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      Thank you for your kind attention!

      Not yet in the air. That's why I ask for your opinion before airing. The ideal would be every 2 minutes an image or take?
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    Fwoarrr.... yeah 40 minutes is an education more than a sales letter in my opinion. You want to cut to about 10 minutes at most I'd say.

    What's the flow of your VSL like? and is it for a digital product or service?

    Just keep in mind, whilst text is engaging, there's a point of decay where interest will dip. Mix it up with different engagement devices (you could throw a modal up at a specific time of the video), or some visual learning sections about your service or product.
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    I remember, I was watching a long-long sales video of "get paid by doing online surveys". It was a scam offer, but the video was so interesting and attractive, so I couldn't stop myself from watching it. It was like a movie.
    So, if you, Gabriel, can grab my attention, and if you're selling a valuable product, probably, I would spend 40 minutes and buy from you.
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    1. The Elevator Pitch
    It may seem an obvious one to start off but, funnily enough, is one thing that is often over-looked when a company is looking to generate leads. Be very clear about the product or service that you are calling about. It is useful to put together a compelling reason for the call or elevator pitch as it is often known. Generally when you make a cold call into a company you will have between 8-10 seconds to get across why you are calling and why they should be interested in hearing more!
    2. Target Right Customers
    Think about your ideal client's profile. If you already have some good clients then look for similar ones as they will almost certainly have the same issues and pain points that you can satisfy.

    Put together a list of the different clients that meet your criteria and then give them to your bespoke telemarketing company to source similar companies. Generally you can search on vertical markets such as Manufacturing, Public Sector, Finance Services, then size of company by employees/turnover and then geographic location down to post code.

    3. Share Information
    Your chosen telemarketing company should ask you to prepare a Cheat Sheet or briefing document. This should be used to brief the caller and project manager from the telemarketing company. The more that they know when they are calling the better they will be able to articulate your value proposition.

    4. Universal message
    Ensure that all of your information collateral and your online presence reflect the message you caller is promoting. Make sure that there is information about the product or service on your website and that your website is accurate. Make sure that your caller has up-to-date information to email out. Finally and very importantly - Tell your switchboard staff that you have a caller calling so if someone calls back for them a message can be passed on!

    5. Regular Communication
    It is vital that you stay in touch with the telemarketing company especially in the first few days of the telemarketing campaign. Setting up a Skype or other Instant Messenger chat line with the caller is a great way to keep in touch with the caller and overcome objections real-time as they occur. Suggest that you organise a formal conference call at the end of the first couple of days and this is useful to tweak the campaign as you go along.
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    Here's a format that works..
    • Introduction
    • Why They Should Watch
    • Your Credentials
    • Highlight Problems
    • Reveal Transformation
    • Show Results
    • Tell Them What They Get
    • Damaging Admission
    • Tell Them Who Should Buy
    • Mention The Bonuses
    • Tell Them The Price
    • Make A Guarantee
    • Urgency
    • Summary
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    40 minutes is just too long. Try to make it SHORTEST, around 2-3 minutes. You know, people usually have short attention span. And 40 minutes is just plain too long.

    Also, don't settle for all text and image. Put a little you on it! That's the best way to connect to your audience. Good luck!
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    I'm sorry.. but to people saying 40 mins is too long... pffft.

    If you have something that your audience WANTS desperately (like.. ya know, targetting the kinda people we're suppose to) then you bet they'll sit there for 40 mins.

    Just last week I sat and watched a text only + voice over that was over an hour long.

    It had awesome information that genuinely helped me out and I can't wait for the next one.

    You don't need to appear on camera, it helps but it's not essential.
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    40 minutes would make for a short webinar. It may be better suited to that medium.
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    I would think that the sales Video of 40 minutes is a bit lengthy. Generarally, video should be precise,informative,creative and attracting one with duration 15 to 20 minutes only.I would also like if you add images into that video it may attracts large number of probable customers.
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    Originally Posted by Gabriel Grisi View Post

    Hello everyone, everything good?

    I would like an opinion if you can!

    I have a sales video, text only.

    Would it be interesting to put images or takes during the video?

    It's 40 minutes of caption, could anyone give me a hint?

    Thank you very much.
    A 40 minute text only video? Forget-about-it unless you're selling it as a cure for insomnia.
    Discover the fastest and easiest ways to create your own valuable products.
    Tons of FREE Public Domain content you can use to make your own content, PLR, digital and POD products.
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    Hi Gabriel,

    Here is a good example of a VSL for you to study.

    The length of any VSL needs to be long enough to get the prospect to convert. For some this will be a short length of time and for others longer as it depends on how much information the prospect requires.

    Many longer VSL's will default to a sales page if the viewer attempts to exit allowing the person who doesn't want to keep watching scan to the details that peak their interest.

    Best regards,

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    Try putting up images that would be entertaining and educational to see, all the while being in theme with the caption that you have made. And a little background music won't hurt as well.
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