Digital Marketing Mix

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Digital marketing is as similar as conventional MARKETING!

Marketing forms when all marketing mix i.e all 7ps product, price, place, promotion, people, physical evidence, process. and Digital marketing is the platform.

marketing mix and digital platform:
1. Product: web page(s) is the product
2. Price: The content of the web page or website will define its cost.
3. place: The Internet is the basic platform where one can bring product i.e website/web page
4. promotion: SEO, SMM, SEM, Article-blog submission and much more ways of promotions
5. people: the verification of existence evidence of people exists.
6. physical evidence: the feedback, service support is the physical evidence.
7. Process: there is a scientific process which the seller predefined and hence buyer or audience has to follow that.

That's how digital marketing is not really different from digital marketing.

Source: mediachoice article
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