I Need Wordpress Advice, Please

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I have a website where I have people optin and provide their Etsy shop url.
I then add their shop feed to my website (thecraftymarketer.com). While
this is a serious draw and my email list is blowing up, I'm adding these
rss feeds all manually with RSS Autopilot. This is taking up far too much
Having said that, I need to know if anybody knows of a plugin that
can automate this process? If the subscriber just adds their Etsy
shop name, the feed can be automatically added with pre set
configurations. In other words, I would like to have the feed created
at the point of optin form so I don't have to touch a thing.

I seriously appreciate any advice or work around ideas on this matter.

#advice #wordpress
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    You *might* be able to achieve this with Gravity Forms, it's a very powerful plugin.
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    There's bunch of plugins on codecanyon that display feeds from url. But from what you want, you're going to customize a plugin or create a custom plugin.

    Email submit > grab feed > display on website. Is that about right?

    Try also to look at IFTTT or similar services, they have bunch on RSS
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    You need to rethink the flow here. Create a Membership using something like Membersonic (MemberSonic Membership Site Plugin for WordPress — MemberSonic). That automatically adds them to Aweber and also makes them members in WordPress.

    As soon as they become members, show them a form on the Welcome page to fill out. That form prepares the WP Post for you and puts it in Draft mode. All you need to do is review and hit Publish. Here's a free plugin that does that. https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-submitted-posts/ You DO NOT want this on auto-pilot since spammers will take notice. You'll probably always need manual approval. But at least you won't be typing out descriptions, titles or uploading pics.

    Side bonus: You now have a Membership area where you can also show a special bonus, OTO, or offer advanced training.

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      Sounds very reasonable. A good method to minimize the work and plus you'll have the Membership area with a potential for extra monetization opportunities.
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    Hire someone to create a MACRO or MOUSE RECORDER for you to do this task on automatic..

    At the end of the day, start the AUTOMATION and set and forget..
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      Yeah, that could be a good idea. Once done it does the work for you..
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    Order creation of the plugin on fiver. You can then also sell the plugin to get investment back.
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    Here's a few you may want to hunt down (in no particular order):
    1. JavaScript RSS Box Viewer
    2. FeedWind
    3. FeedsAPI.
    4. Huginn

    Happy hunting!
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