please help me i am very confused

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Hey to all members first i am so sorry for my english

I am just a normal young i dream always of making money from internet but i am very confused i dont have a capital i want to start without money (without capital) this is my dream a long time ago i saw many manyy videos and topics without benefit, i am very very confused i hope one of you will help me in my first steps pleaase pleaaase i wish my dreams come true :/ and thanks
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    With no capital, it will likely be nothing but a dream for you.

    You can hope you find someone that is willing to donate their time, knowledge, and effort to you for free, but that is highly unlikely.

    Your best bet at this point is to start a blog on Wordpress or Blogger.

    Nothing for sale. Just trying to learn and help.

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    To make money you need money. This is a business you're trying to start. Yes there is ways of doing very very basic things for free, but it's time consuming hard and you have to scrape all the info together alone from different places. You're gonna at least need money for hosting and an auto responder too.
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    Operating an online business is very difficult with money let alone without it because most strategies require quite a bit of education. I think the earlier posts that instruct you to start a blog is the best start up advice as this a great way to build a following. This will take time and persistence.

    Best of Luck
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    I can tell you a simplified version of what I did and perhaps it'll help you out.

    I too started out young, no money, and not good English. Today I am old, living fully off my online income and have greatly improved y English.

    Here's what I did:

    I started out with free blogs and free websites. Now, you can't monetize free blogs or free websites (or at least you couldn't back in 1997 when I started doing this - it could have changes as 20 years is a long time.) but the goal of having a free blog and a free website early on, is not gaining income, but rather branding yourself, making a name for yourself. When MySpace, LiveJournal, FaceBook, Twitter, and Tumblr came along, I got accounts with all of them too. In fact, I have more then 300 social network and forum accounts - all free. Most of them are hardly used today, but I used them daily back when I first joined each one. The point was to BE EVERYWHERE and become recognized by every one.

    While doing this, I never posted a link to anything anywhere, either. I simply chatted with people about various topics that interested me (the 3 cs of life mostly: cats, cars, and comic books.) I was not trying to market myself or promote myself, I was just being a friend to every one I meet.

    On my blogs, I wrote a post EVERY DAY. By 2003 I had 23 different blogs with BlogSpot, Blogger, & WordPress. (BlogSpot and Blogger are now the same compamy.)

    By 2003, I also had 200+ 10 page free hosted websites hosted by

    Now the reason for writing daily blog posts, 1,000 words per post minimum, is to establish yourself as an expert in your field/topic/niche. My field/topic/niche was writing fanfiction. That's what I started out with. I started out writing blog posts on how to write fanfiction for

    During that time, I also continued to work a regular job (sales person in retail department stores) and take night classes until I got my GED, then went to local community college.

    In 2007, a full 10 years later, was the first time I started monetizing anything, but by that time I had around 3 million followers - people who just followed me all over the internet no matter where I went. I was bringing in a full-time income in less then a month, due to the fact I ALREADY had the followers by the time I started monetizing.

    In 2013 I shut down all my free hosted sites, all my free hosted blogs, discontinued most of my forum and social network accounts, paid for a dedicated server, bought a 6-letter domain name ( which was the username I had used EVERYWHERE all those years, moved all 6,000+ articles from my sites and blogs over to my brand new ($300 a month) website, and monetized it with AdSense, Amazon, LinkShare, Share-A-Sale, and Zazzle, and continue to write daily articles, adding a new page to my site every day.

    July 2016 I quit my job, and now I live full time off the income from my website alone.

    It took 18 years to go from starting with ZERO$$, using no money to start, to reaching living full time off my income online.

    Had I started out buying my own dedicated server, my own url, putting up the $300 a month right from day one - I probably could have been living off my online income sooner.

    By started out fully 100% with no money invested in my online career, it took my 18 years to make it fully work.

    It took investing around $5,000 in getting my own website (including cost of a 30TB server that sits on my desk hooked up to my computer, and the high power internet to run it) to go from struggling to succeed online, to BOOM - having a steady income online.

    So... yes, you can start out with no money. You can do what I did:

    Get a regular retail job (Macy's & WalMart is where I worked) and live of that, while you save up you investment money. Meanwhile, join as many free accounts online as you can: get a free hosted website, get a free hosted blog, post articles on each one every day; get social network accounts and TALK to people on them daily. Get your name out there, become known as an excerpt in your field/topic/niche WHILE you save money from a regular job to invest in starting your online business.

    The free sites/blogs/profiles early on, won't bring in money, but they will gain you followers who will move with you to your paid site once you have it, bringing instant traffic to your site. Think of you time spent on the free hosted sites and blogs as an investment, gaining traffic for your future site, the one that will one day bring in money.

    And, you remember what my niche was when I started back in 1997? Writing guides on how to write fanfiction? Guess what my niche is now 20 years later? How to become a published author. Yep. I went for a teenager writing fanfiction, to the author of a series of Fantasy novels about an Elf wizard. And now instead of teaching teens how to write fanfiction, I teach young writers how to create characters, build worlds, write drafts, edit manuscripts, and publish their novels. I've come a long way from where I started.

    I started, writing articles about a topic I did as a hobby. I wrote daily blog posts on how to do a fun hobby. Now I make video courses, publish books, and write articles on how to turn that hobby into a career, teaching others to do what I did.

    You can do it too. Just find the thing you love to do, and start a blog about it. Write a new post about it every day. Keep working your day job and saving money until you have enough saved to buy a website, then focus on your website and keep on working your day job, until you are making enough off your site to quit your job and make your website your full time job instead.

    Of course, my method involves lots and lots of writing and dedication for several years, and that is not well suited to everyone, so may not be the proper path for you, but, it's one option, of the many options out there for you that you could take.

    Whatever you do, strive to be your best at it and have fun with it. Good luck to you!

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    Info on my Novels is HERE. History of Stephen King's Thinner Gypsies is HERE.

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      I like your words you are very motivational
      * I am a beginner I want to say thank you very much from all the bottom of my heart I hope to communicate with you
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    Hi! The first thing you need to do is to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Do you have any skills that you can monetize online? For example: If you know how to build Wordpress websites you can offer your services on sites like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverrr. Setting up an account is free. If you don't know how to build sites there are many free online courses that teach you how to do it. You can do a search for free courses on Udemy. They usually offer many free courses. Look for one that shows you step by step how to do whatever you want to learn. Wordpress is a very simple platform to use and it's the most popular. Setting up a site is relatively easy but you'd be surprised how many people don't know how and are willing to pay someone to build one for them. So just figure out what are your interests and monetize those. If you don't have the knowledge to do what interests you find courses that teach you that skill step by step. With a little determination and perseverance you'll do just fine. Hope that helps.
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    It is possible to start with very little money, but you need dedication and time. The biggest thing you need is to have something of value in exchange for emails. Choose a niche that interests you - find a specific sub-niche or question that loads of people are looking for answers on. Research that, write a little report on it and offer it in exchange for emails. You can join Mailchimp for free to get email addresses, though you will also need some sort of hosting to have a landing page for your freebie offer. Then drive traffic to that landing page using forum comments, instagram, facebook groups, YouTube comments. Anything to get traffic.

    Once you've built up a decent email list you can start sending them offers.... This is the basic strategy in a nutshell that has worked for many people.

    Build Traffic, Clicks and Conversions with these 6 FREE plugins. GET THEM HERE.

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    Freelancing is best option.Advantage of becoming a freelancer is that you can work whenever you would have control over Jobs and Clients and you can work wherever you want.
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    Hey I got best solution for you. I was the same few months back trying to earn money without investment. I read many articles and gain knowledge on Internet market, SEO, affiliate, forum posting and many more. Then I found SEOestore. It is giving free balance that can be use to purchase service from them by tweeting their composed text into your twitter account. I earn few dollors daily and earn $500+ already. I created gig/service in fiverr and seoclerks which I am getting from seoetore specially linkbuilding. I am converting free balance into real cashable amount now. You can try it. Its really free and hurry up its your time to earn $$$$.
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      thank you for sharing it with me, can you explain please brother i dont understand all
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        my reply is under moderation. if that gets approve than you can see step by step way how to earn free $$$ from one site and resale that free earn $$$ in different reselling platform. If you try to go deep in my last approved post you can reach the money making way from internet without any investment.
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    thank you all for sharing with me your experience and for your help you all give me the hope i will do all your advices, thank you very match best people in the world
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    Originally Posted by noway10 View Post

    Hey to all members first i am so sorry for my english

    I am just a normal young i dream always of making money from internet but i am very confused i dont have a capital i want to start without money (without capital) this is my dream a long time ago i saw many manyy videos and topics without benefit, i am very very confused i hope one of you will help me in my first steps pleaase pleaaase i wish my dreams come true :/ and thanks
    Sometimes getting started with offering a Service of some kind can be a decent way to get things going without a whole lot of capital.

    All kinds of stuff at Fiverr or even here at Classified you could look into to get some ideas
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      Originally Posted by discrat View Post

      Sometimes getting started with offering a Service of some kind can be a decent way to get things going without a whole lot of capital.

      All kinds of stuff at Fiverr or even here at Classified you could look into to get some ideas
      Yes, offering services online is the quickest route to accrue some capital for your biz of any passive nature. Many suggest offline jobs, I tend to suggest to developing skills around IM such as copy-writing, video, graphics or programming, and sell your skills (via Upwork or fiverr) when needed to raise some capital that you'll be investing in your real online biz, in that way you remain connected to IM all the time and gain valuable industry insight, which eventually help you making tough decisions when running your own biz.
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    You can start with browse the site to see if any of the gigs are something that you can offer.
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    Originally Posted by noway10 View Post

    Hey to all members first i am so sorry for my english

    I am just a normal young i dream always of making money from internet but i am very confused i dont have a capital i want to start without money (without capital) this is my dream a long time ago i saw many manyy videos and topics without benefit, i am very very confused i hope one of you will help me in my first steps pleaase pleaaase i wish my dreams come true :/ and thanks
    You might as well pack it up and quit affiliate marketing or internet business right now.

    With any business, you need start up capital and you need to devote time to succeed.

    This is the MAIN reason why so many people "FAIL" online. They are not willing to invest money and time.
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    Well, you definitely can start with no money, but it will be very hard and will take a lot of time. Go get a free webpage set up and start from there. I would suggest to start with or and learn everything that you can to edit / manage it. Sign up with google adsense and put your ads on these properties. Promote your website via Youtube, SEO, Facebook and just tell people about it. Go buy a real domain name, and hosting account when you have money. Build a real business for long term stability.

    Check out this free tool to help you make money online!

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    Try to grow your captial by re-selling services, or read about drop-shipping.

    For example,
    A local business needs a new logo. You tell them you'll do it for $100 and you buy it from someone else for a cheaper price.

    Ask the client to pay 1/3 to start, 1/3 when your client is happy and 1/3 after that.

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    Well you can start making money online without investment.
    Check the below options and choose what suits you.
    Let me know if this helps.
    • Article Writing Service - Bloggers and webmasters are always looking for new and unique content for their blogs and websites. Digital point forums can be a good place to start. You will be paid $2-$10 per article depending on the quality of articles.
    • Earn money by blogging - through AdSense. Creating your own website or blog under a popular niche or topic and sharing your own experience and views in your own style and promoting the website or blog in internet providing real value to your work in-turn earns you real money online.
    • Writing Blog Reviews And Paid Posts - If you have a blog which already gets decent traffic you can start doing sponsored review for your blog.
    • Guest Posting For Your Clients - It can make you earn a lot. Guest posting has great benefits regarding traffic, exposure, credibility and recognition from search engines.
    • Affiliate Marketing jobs - The Affiliate marketing is the best way for anyone to start earning money online. This requires zero investment & you can use your blog or even your social media platform like Twitter, Facebook to promote & earn money.
    • Freelancing Jobs - Freelance workers are defined by the term temporary workers who are appointed for short term project for shorter period represented by a company or an organization. Freelancing is the one of the top online money making opportunities available worldwide. Some of the genuine paying freelancing websites are Freelancer, ive Squid, Fiverr, Upwork.
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    The easiest thing is to get a job and use as a means to an end.
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    My advice: Get some capital first. This is an online business and you will get nowhere without any advertising or the ability to invests in the important tools like hosting, autoresponder etc.
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    hey there

    As a newbie, i know exactly how you feel but dont feel helpless..
    you can make it without money so forget the nay sayers who says its hopeless
    All the ads you see online are business owners selling something..
    so dont want to waste your time with them because you dont have money for them.
    here is what you must do to start.
    get youself a free blog at or
    then start making some cash by blogging or affiliate marketing
    or what ever you are good at doing
    It will take longer to make money but this is how to start with no money
    talk soon
    sam f
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