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I've read that a good idea to boost click through rates is to blend in your resource box so that it seems like it's part of the article.

Now this can work for Ezine, since there's nothing distiguishing the resource box from the rest of the article, other than a space.

On GoArticles however, it's obvious that the box is separate because it's marked "about the author", so it's kind of hard to actually blend that in to the rest of the article.

I've heard that articles on GoArticles can rank high in google pretty easily, but I'm curious.....what kind of click through rates are you all getting on there with the bio box being separated the way it is?

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    The problem with goarticles and it is a problem, is that there is too much spam. The do not human edit the directory, so whilst you submit your article and there's no waiting process, it means a lot of spam gets through.

    This means it hasn't jumped page rank in years and many articles don't get indexed.

    However you can report spam, so you should do that often, because it makes the site better, especially if you are a genuine member and not a spammer.

    The click through rates are poor.

    I've got about 200 articles there and I'm sure if I had them at ezinearticles that I would get more traffic, but too many links on one site aren't valued by Google, so it's good to have them on many sites.
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    Hey Jon,

    I frequently submit my articles to Go Articles and have experienced some great click through rates. But, of course, the reason for my high rankings on google has been attributed to my extensive keyword research efforts. As I assume you are familiar with keyword research, it is no surprise that the better research you perform on your keywords the higher your rankings will be on google or any search engine sites for that matter. With higher rankings the more click through rates you will receive in return.

    In regards to the bio box, I feel, since it is separated from my article, it directs and attracts my readers to learn more about me. If you're mini bio is compelling and enticing as I feel mine is, your readers will be prompted to click your link and will result in more sales for you. So to conclude, I feel that the separation of the article and the author box, itself, demonstrates to the reader that it is your, so to speak "real estate". Thus, they know if they had any inkling on wanting to learn more about you they know where to look.
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    I have never had much success with and I don't expect to. I only use them to build backlinks to my articles on EZA.
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    I don't really care for goarticles that much people like to mark your articles spam for the hell of it. Clickthrough rates not that great with goarticles either. Ezinearticles try writing an article between 250-400 words i find the shorter ones get a higher click through rate. Hubpages is my favorite by far...
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    Whatever directory you use, less is usually more... Instead of your life story in your bio box just try to get the reader curious.

    Example: Greatest Article Spinner in the World...

    ...You get the idea, you don't need a lot of details just make a really good headline like you'd use for an Adwords ad.
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    Hi guys

    i use goarticles as part of my campaign but its not my only article directory that i use. You have to think about the click throughs along with the other article directories that you submit to.

    For example i get an excellent outcome from using as members of this site tend to re-use your articles a lot more on their blogs and provide lots of links back to you.

    kind regards

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    If it doesn't take you more than FEW minutes to submit
    articles to GoArticles, I think it's still a good idea to
    submit to them, regardless of their CTR, especially
    after you have submitted and got the article(s)
    approved by the big EzineArticles.

    I mean - Why waste the articles with only EZA
    when other webmasters will take them from EZA
    and put on their sites?
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