Please. Be a human first, a marketer second

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Now, I'm sure no Warriors are doing this - no true Warriors anyway - but I think it worth noting here so new Warriors can stay away from the Dark Side.

The situation: When my friend Ken Leatherman had a horrible accident in his family, I posted a message of support on my blog - "Terrible Loss For My Friend: Labs Are In Mourning". Of late, I've had three comments on that post - all spamming some crap product.

This sickens me. These bottom-dwellers are the kind of scum I'd rather not dirty my boots with squishing them down into the ooze where they belong. I don't mind if they spam my other posts, but there is a line you don't cross.

If one puts marketing before being a human, one not only becomes a piece of pond scum, but one also will pay for it in the long run. This kind of lowly spamming is not marketing, and it won't make these scumsuckers rich. If anything, these losers always remain losers, sniffing around the table of real marketers and snuffling up a few scraps now and then.

The solution: As a Warrior, always keep your standards high. Trust me, I speak from experience, it will pay off!
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    You're absolutely right.

    It's a shame that posts like this need to be made. It always amazes me that people can get through life with no moral fiber whatsoever.

    Call it the Golden Rule, Karma, or whatever; just remember that at some point we all end up in less-than-good situations - would you want to be spammed then?

    Thank you Kevin, may your words keep many from going over to the dark side.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    o.O Wow.. people actually do that? Perhaps it was some bot from an auto commenter? Either way this really sucks.. Sorry to hear about that..
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    I'm sure they didn't actually read your post. It was probably some bot that posted it. Shouldn't be doing that anyway though, so your point is valid either way.
    -David J. Kosmider
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    This is 100 per cent true. Apart from being a human first and then a marketer, i would add this one: Do Not Spam. Please.
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      Alas, what you say is very much true, but as sure as rain will fall from the sky, there will be someone somewhere who will spam blogs, emails and anywhere else they can think of just because they can. Even though we are human, it seems more and more that we go out of our way to demonstrate that we are not humane.

      Why is it that too many seem to derive joy from others misery? When did we start raising ourselves up by pulling others down? I do not know. Man is never lower than when he is looking down his nose at his fellow man. Forgive me but I have just seen way way too much of this all lately and it pains me to see it. When will we stop worrying about this race or that race, quit running in the rat race and start caring for the human race? Then and only then can man truly be a winner.

      Please forgive my little tirade here but something in me seems to want to wax poetic this morning.

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    I completely agree with this post.

    Some people put money before compasion and everything else.
    IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I'm currently on vacation & will answer all messages when I return - Happy Holidays!!
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    It may an auto-commenting bot..I feel sorry that this should not have happened for you..
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    Your message should be taken to heart not only for those crappy scammers but life in general. I'm sorry that there are people and/or programs out there that will post on anything and everything no matter what it is. Truly disheartening.
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    No one wants to be sold to, or more to the point they don't even remotely want to be sold to, unless that is their specific want.

    When you read something, by someone and it's "salesy" it's a major turn off if you're not in the mood to be sold to.
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    This is a great post, you articulate what most of us think!

    On the flip side of your thoughts, it's just entered my mind that I buy (offline at least!) from those who don't appear to be trying to sell to me and I will go out of my way not to buy from those who appear to be 'forcing my arm'.

    As for those who try to leverage other's misfortune, I support every word you said!

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      Spamming is a real problem at the best of times, but can understand how you feel about them scamming that particular post.

      Like others have said, they probably never even read it, and were just using auto-commenting software. I guess it's like computer virus- out of all the amazing things computers can do, there will always be a handful of low life spending hours creating virus to harm as many people as possible. If only they were to use their talents to creating something useful, they might actually become rich!
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    Some people don't seem to be able to turn off the marketing switch. I have a vision of certain marketers at a cocktail party barging into every conversation with their product pitches.
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