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Hi everyone,
I'm just starting out with Internet marketing to hopefully make it my new career. I was wondering where in the world do I start? I've seen adds for years now about how people have built this amazing life for themselves and for their families, just would like a taste of that happiness. Could anyone point me in the best direction?

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    You've decided that you want this to be your new career so how do you think you should start?

    If you have enough information to make a decision about a new career, you certainly have spent some time figuring out what direction you want to take, no?

    I mean if you have been seeing ads for years, you've been reading or at least exposed to marketing or business information that led you to think this was something you wanted to do.

    So what part appeals to you besides the hyped up ads that may be 100% lies?

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      Well for the most part it's the ability to live life how you want is what has been digging at me for some time now. I've been thinking that affiliate marketing would be a good place to start but over the years that I've tried it, it was out of desperation and I didn't have any capital to even cover the startup cost. I'm just a little bit better off right now with my job as a truck driver but with that job comes sacrifice. Time away from family and friends, working for pennies on the dollar and there again lining someone else's pockets.
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    Do you have any particular knowledge, interest, or skills in an area that you may want to pursue?

    Affiliate marketers presell everything imaginable under the sun but those that excel at it can write from experience or knowledge when they are sharing their links.

    For example, if I want to make it big in the weight loss industry it may be helpful to know something about weight loss because I may need to be writing blog posts, doing webinars, sending emails, etc. about losing weight to help me presell the product.

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      You know it's funny you said weight loss because I believe it's the number one search for a lot of people and as a truck driver I'm actually going through a transformation as we speak because I'm tired of looking like a truck driver and being uncomfortable in my own skin. So I was wanting to pursue weight loss and how if I can transform my body being a truck driver body to a beach body then I think that I could really help alot of people
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    Maybe a follow my progress blog would help. There are tons of these so you'd have to niche down and do some serious marketing.

    We know sitting all day is bad for us. Truck drivers, office workers, etc. sit all day. So they gain weight, lose strength/flexibility, have special pains (butt hurts from sitting all day), etc.

    So maybe you could do something like a follow me blog focusing on people who sit all day.

    You could shoot videos or write about your progress using the __ system and drinking the __ protein drink and using the ___ foam roller all from a truck stop. Keep measurements, do pictures, etc.

    I'm not sure it would work - just an idea.

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      I was thinking about that but truly what I was thinking is that you really don't need alot of space to stay in shape take it from me living in a truck for 3 years is no fun at all but I think it would work a follow me blog or something along those lines could generate subscribers and could potentially lead to sales
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    What's your budget?
    Assets like software, hosting, autoresponder, etc?

    It's impossible to tell someone where to start if we don't know where you are. As a truck driver, when you need directions to your destination you need to have a starting point. If your drop off is in St. Louis, we need to know if you're in Denver, Boston or Miami to give you directions.
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      That's just it. As far as a computer and the Internet is concerned, face book, email, and YouTube are about as far ass I go in the Internet, that and looking for information to keep me busy during down time. Most of this is done off of my phone so with that being said, I know that I need to be able to cover startup cost as with any business. You need to generate a clientele database that will potentially turn into a sale. But doing all of this through email is like reading Greek to me
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    Hi Anthony,

    Remove "hopefully" and replace with "definitely". That is the starting point. Because IM - like life - is an energy thing, a venture/experience that unfolds based on your feelings or vibe around it.

    When you feel confident, and you dive into IM mainly for fun, then you can begin building a successful career by reading posts on this forum, by studying the posts and by gravitating toward mentors who help you through their posts. Get to know them, learn from them, ask them questions and really, be super duper open to their advice, as they can cut your learning curve by years.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Hello Anthony,

    May I suggest a bit of education.

    I like this saying from the past

    "Happiness may be found only by helping others to find it." -Napoleon Hill
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    Hi Anthony,

    I would start with affiliate marketing because you can learn while you earn.

    You can sell other people's products (OPP) instead of having to create your own. And you can leverage other people's marketing (OPM) like their sales funnels, webinars, email follow ups, etc.

    This way, all you need to learn how to do is generate leads and then let their affiliate sales funnel take over.

    Then learn everything you can about internet marketing so you can begin to create your own email follow ups, sales funnels, products.

    I would start by finding a niche you want to build a business in long-term. Go to dummies.com/store and check out all their different categories and sub-categories of books.

    You can also go to Clickbank.com to find a list of profitable niches.

    After you decide, I would setup the infrastructure of your business:

    I only use 4 tools to run my entire business online.

    #1 - Email Autoresponder

    This is so you can store all your email leads and email them all at once.

    I use Aweber ($19/month starting out)

    #2 - Squeeze Page Builder

    This is so you can capture leads and add them to your email autoresponder.

    I use ClickFunnels ($97/month)

    #3 - Web Hosting

    This is so you can host your website and squeeze pages on the internet (this is how your websites show up).

    I use Hostgator ($10ish bucks a month)

    #4 - Blog built on WordPress

    This is where your content will live. A blog is your home base.

    All you need is a domain name (ex. www.warriorforum.com).

    You can get a free domain name when you get started with Hostgator, or you can get a cheap one at NameCheap or GoDaddy.

    Then start creating content that solves your niche's pains, build your email list and promote your affiliate offers to them.

    Hope that gives you some direction.

    - Tim Alwell
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    Well be sure that this people work hard and never give up they invest in theyr business and have huge desire to succes .First you must find a path even its adsense ,affiliate marketing ,cpa marketing etc .Then you start by working hard everyday and my advice will be to combine paid trafic with free trafic and to never give up .In this world who never give up succed .I dont have a method for you because here you can find a lot .Also youtube trafic its very good
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    Do you have any skills and Knowledge, Do you know something you can do best. I mean some services to help people.

    If you are good at writing, then freeelancing is Good for you. If you are a designer then Website development is good for you. Follow your passion and You will succeed.

    The Best advice i Give : Build Your station which is your blog. Where you Guest people and Show them Your Content. Use social media to attract them. Before you start Know Your niche. something you enjoy doing a lot.

    don't go to a niche you know nothing about. start small; learn the basics before any advanced strategies.

    Good luck
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    Originally Posted by Anthony Kral View Post

    Hi everyone,
    I'm just starting out with Internet marketing to hopefully make it my new career. I was wondering where in the world do I start? I've seen adds for years now about how people have built this amazing life for themselves and for their families, just would like a taste of that happiness. Could anyone point me in the best direction?


    Don't start with affiliate marketing. Don't start with ecommerce. Don't start with a blog.

    That is, until you do something that virtually no newcomer ever does. Carefully consider all the different online business models. Carefully consider the difference in income that can be gained from each. Carefully consider the whole online business landscape and THEN make a choice of which one to start with.

    I wrote a post recently on business models. I'll link it here, hope it helps.


    Good luck with your ventures
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    Learn the various methods of making money online and decide which one speaks to you. Then learn about that method, form a plan, and execute the plan little by little.

    It's actually that simple. The difficulty is in the details of the method itself and over-coming them and that is what makes people successful.
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    To be honest I have given up completely all forms of Internet Marketing relating to SEO, and anything that requires being dependent on Google Traffic to survive an online business. I am into a different, less known but more secure and profitable online business with earnings of $159K in the last 13 months. It's in the revenue sharing business.
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    When I first came to internet marketing I started with online advertising, with Google Adwords.
    I think when you start with advertising, it gives a complete idea of what Internet advertising is...
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    Basically, you need
    Domain name
    affiliate link - sign up to affiliate websites
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    Hi there, people do make a lot of money on in internet marketing, you can too, just remember it takes a lot of hard work and time, the key is to never give up.
    There are a lot of places where you can start, you can create a blog and get hosting and learn from here or you can take an affiliate marketing training where you learn everything step by step.
    Best of luck!
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