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hi, just a quick question.

On a single website can you have three different forms of accepting payment (paypal, google checkout, credit card merchant account) that can rotate everytime some one buys something or the page is reloaded so that way only one single payment method is shown and to choose from? If so, does anyone know what webhost supports this and if no webhost supports it, can a newbie like me do it himself?
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    This is something that can be done in code if you know what your doing. It would be in something like javascript but the real question is why would you want to do this in the first place? It is better to list all three and give the customer the choice as many may not want to use, for example, Paypal but they might be more comfortable with Google Checkout for example.

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    You need to code a little payment rotator in php or whatever programming language your site supports.

    The easiest way to do this to create your sales page in PHP and put the variable $payment_button, or something, where you want your payment box to appear.

    Then you program a script that sets a flag to track the last payment option displayed and rotates to the next one.

    It's not that hard but if you have no programming experience you probably don't have a hope of pulling it off alone. Take a trip over to the programming section here and copy and paste what I said. Someone will probably be up to the task.

    -- Lisa G

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