Need Good Alternative to Lead Evolution Software

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I'm looking for a good online lead generating program that's cheaper than the popular Lead Evolution system.

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    Hi, I thought you may be interested as I'm going to be selling my license to Lead Evolution.

    I bought it end of August 09, so it's due to expire end of August 2010

    The reason I'm selling is, I'm too busy and involved in my own business to put it to use.... in fact I haven't yet started with it and I'd rather someone else put it to use (win win situation, I'd say)

    Here's the deal - I'll sell for US$2000

    That's less than 1/2 price and there's still 9 months remaining.

    but be quick it'll sell fast!!!

    We'll find a safe and appropriate way to complete the transaction (this is all legitimate, so don't worry).

    LE has a full training system with videos, manuals and a support desk.

    I don't want to preach to the converted but I don't know where you can buy any business for $2k that can potentially earn you thousands in a short amount of time.

    Please PM me or email if you're interested.

    Good luck
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    online lead finder, guess what , it is free

    and it does exactly the same as lead evolution
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      online lead finder, guess what , it is free

      and it does exactly the same as lead evolution
      Yep and it has worked very well, too, for what I've heard. I have yet to try it, though, but intend to as soon as I have the time from other projects.
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        Hey Jim,

        It depends what you want want to do, what type of leads you want, and what you want to do with those leads. Lead Evolution has a ton of advanced features in it like several default lead sources, social media sources, custom lead source options (so you can search the whole net, including forums and such or any site you want), e-mail lead alerts when new leads are posted, ability to get e-mails delivered past filters (very cool technology here), ability to find leads looking to buy things within a certain price range, and a lot more (including more stuff coming).

        If you're looking for something that searches one or two sources without a lot of the extras, I'll readily admit (being the creator of the software) that there are other tools for that, but LE 2 is a bit different and serves a different purpose than a lot of those other tools.

        A cheaper alternative if you don't want to e-mail the leads instantly is (if interested, e-mail me at brian [at] and I'll get you a special link for a trial version and a discount after that to check out for LPA -- it's not nearly as powerful as LE and doesn't have the mailing features and all the sources, but it will alert you to worthwhile leads as they come online).

        If you're looking for business to business leads instead of business to consumer leads, let me know as well at the above e-mail address and I can point you in the right direction for some other software we carry that is cheaper and more geared towards business to business instead of business to consumer.

        Take care,

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