I need help from experienced craigslist posters.

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My question will be addressed to experienced craigslist posters. I hope you can help sort it out. I have written 2 test ads in the lessons section, I'm promoting the piano course. One account - one ad. It's just for the test to see if my target audience is there or not. I have placed an ad in Brooklyn and Long Island. For more than a week and a half, there was not a single transition to the site from there. Is this normal for this category of ads? And I also noticed that sometimes ads written before occupy a higher position than new ads. What does it depend on? Even after posting or renew my ad it does not appear on the top of the search list. It's on 8 or even on 9 place, I can't understand the reason. Hope you guys can give some pieces of advice

Link to my ad


Thank you!
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    Have anyone any assumptions? I see that there are 28 views but with no answers. Is this just an interest? I'll appreciate for any advice
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    Keep posting. Ad looks great. Also if you post in general community you can generate some leads from that category. Are you using any other marketing strategies other than Craigslist?
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      Thanks for your answer. Yes, but now I'm trying to find out how this source works. What do you mean about a general community? I think I don't know a lot about this
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    Does anyone have ideas about placement? I still can't understand why right after my posting it is on the 8 or even 9 place. Does it depend on account age or what? It's a huge problem because I think that no one doesn't see my ads. Feel free to share your opinion, here a lot of guys who proposal their services. Hope for your answers
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      It's a combination of factors including post age, post volume for the same campaign and optimizing the ad for keyword placement. At the very least you should be placing your primary target keywords in the ad title and ad text.

      Some people take it a step further by making liberal use of positioning target keywords in the Location field or right-hand side fields such as Manufacturer/Model/Condition under For Sale section.

      You would be well served to very closely study the common keyword placement patterns of any posts which dominate the rankings for your sections and use that as your guide/template.

      Now, only roughly 50% of Craigslist people use keyword searches to seek out products/services anyway. It's also vital that you post often enough to maintain a page 1 visibility all day long to maximize eyeballs for your ads.

      Hope that helps
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        Thank you for your reply! Now I understand and I will experiment! But I do not quite understand what do you mean when you have said that only roughly 50% of Craigslist people use keyword searches to seek out products/services, but what do the others do and how do they search? Maybe a stupid question, but I thought that the keyword search is the first step, then the closest location is selected
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          Well, just like with Google, there is a segment of people on Craigslist who never even enter a keyword but only scan page 1 for ads.

          So, you have to accommodate the segment of people who do keyword searches by optimizing your ads for them. You also must accommodate the people who only scan page 1 by spreading your posts across the day. That way, you maintain page 1 visibility for your ads all day long and maximize eyeballs on your ads.
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            Hi, thanks for your advice! I added more keywords to the ad and done a research of competitors advertising. Their ads are more than my by size. They use two keywords in the ad and one in the title. I optimized my ad. I copied the text of my earlier ad and added more keywords, created a new ad and deleted the old one. The result is the same ... Maybe can you take a look on it and tell what I'm doing wrong?

            The link https://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/lss/6138641265.html

            By the way, I'm trying to support the visibility of my ad and it's on the first page. But, still without any visits to my website from there. It was a test and I think that probably advertisers there are more than people who are making their search for this. Probably it's too small volume of seekers. What do you think? In any case, thank for your help. You really have helped a lot!
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    Your ad looks brilliant! It has to be said. And your website too. Wow! Well done. I'm not too sure CraigsList is the right place for you, though. Something about CL that just doesn't sit well with a lot of people. It really surprises me why the site is so revered. Worshiped, almost.

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      Thank you for feedback and such comment! I just wanted to find out if I can find there some leads. It was as an additional traffic source just for a test. I wanted to get to know about perspectives of this source but seems that I can't expect a lot. But I still think I can find there some buyers. Test, test, test. Am I right?

      By the way, I found your visit in my report. Can you tell me is the site displaying correctly on your screen resolution? Your resolution was 1024x768. I will fix it a little bit due to it isn't displaying properly on some screens.
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    I think you're going about it wrong.

    I've had a lot of traffic from Craigslist over the last few years. I never advertise a site/URL on Craigslist. I create very short ads that tease traffic into contacting me via email. This gets traffic interested enough to ask me questions (email).

    The key here is I turn the table and instead of me cold selling, I have warm leads coming to me asking about what I have for sale.

    Try a few new ads one at a time and forget the website, don't even let traffic know you have a site. Get traffic to email you, then try and make a few sales directly through email.

    Don't make the ad look spammy or desperate. Keep it simple.

    The ad/URL in OP doesn't work.
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