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Ive been looking at several ping services and the free ones always seem to be a hassle when you want to ping more then one site.
Being a developer I just figured i'd make what I needed myself so heres the result:
(ps. im to much of a newbie to post links so you'll have to cut and paste the link)

I'm sharing it since I figured it would be a waste of resources to just keep it to myself. This is not and never will be a commercial project. In fact i'd be glad if you just keep it a forum secret

Comments and suggestions for small improvments are always welcome... And dont abuse this please. Thank you.

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    Very cool and will prove useful for those who need to bookmark more than one feed url at a time.

    Cool that people can add their own ping list to the mix.

    - Is it the same ping list as

    If not, pingler has over 90 directories and perhaps combined you could have a huge amount of places to ping.

    Why not throw up some ( at least ) adsense type of ads because if it gets popular - it's gana cost you. ( maybe later after it takes off )

    Thanks & All The Best!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    Think the default ping list is a combination of lists from two different ping services out there. Can't remember which ones right now. But you're right, I could easily increase the list significantly.
    Maybe I could have it save all ping urls users contribute (if proven successful) to the list and put together a master list from hell
    The goal is to get it as good as possible from a users point of view.

    As for the cost I'll cross that bridge when I get there
    For now its just a small project to make my life easier and maybe a couple others on here.
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    Hey thanks, this is great. I just used it. It works great, and is pretty fast.
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      Originally Posted by StepOneWeb View Post

      Thank you, any thoughts on what can be improved or added?

      Categories for the feeds could be added.

      Check out


      "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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