Integrating Google Analytics and Form event tracking (for Conversion Goal) on Webflow

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to integrate Google Analytics into my Webflow site using Google Tag Manager. I need to accomplish two things.

I'd like to track the contact form as a goal in Google Analytics using a GA javascript event so that when people fill it out the form it gets tracked as a conversion goal. I'm just wondering how I might do that with Webflow (potentially using Custom Code) and making it work with the Ajax form submission that already catches the failed attempt with an error. I don't want the form to redirect the page and I need it to skip the conversion if the form fails. Ideally I'd like to only track goal events when the form submits successfully.

I'd like to exclude traffic coming from any webflow staging site. Which is usually a different sub domain. Is there a way to exclude traffic from certain domains?
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