Have you experienced saturating a marketing channel?

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SEO, a certain type of advertising, blogging, etc...

Have you ever found a marketing channel to plateau for you?

I.e. you've saturated results and you'll have to look for another source?

This isn't so much about channels where you've taken advantage of the system then you got banned... or the channel died (e.g. a social network shut down)
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    Well i dont think in terms of saturation its only competition as a niche never day as you can always come with new content
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  • SEO, Social Media and YouTube can't really plateau.

    Your niche will determine how many people are interested. If you can't find interested people then it's time to switch to another niche.
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    I used to write product reviews using one of my blogs (established in 2006).

    And it has even got spanked a little by Google because of a backlinking strategy that used to work pre 2013.

    A few guys from this very same forum even tried crippling my ranking power (for m'y niche) by creating a couple thousand n├ęgative backlinks pointing to my home page.

    Luckily Google has allowed my new content after 2013 to still rank and rank well.

    And Google is also aware of bullshit that some desperate jealous folks may try and di to hurt your ranking.

    If I am careful about selecting the right keywords, I almost always rank on Page1 Google Search for those make money keywords.

    And this is with zero backlinking. I can just publish an article and because of my sites authority, it will just rank well.

    So back to the main topic of saturation...

    I don't believe that SEO Marketing is saturated.

    And personally even though I have a blog that can offer me a lot of potential to create highly targeted traffic and lead flow, I just am not passionate about writing reviews anymore.

    I have found more 'fun' ways of generating traffic in things like you tube.

    Maybe later I'll hire a ghost writer who has a similar writing style to mine.

    But SEO is still a very very powerful way to market your brand.

    However, I do believe that there is a lot more competition nowadays forcing us to work harder.

    But isn't this the case in any said marketing source?
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    Those forms of marketing channels will NEVER be saturated to the point that you cannot effectively utilize them in a profitable manner...imo
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    One time I saturated Mocospace spamming back in the day. I sorta saturated spamming blackplanet.com as well. I feel like I saturated my old youtube comment method but it was different in 2011

    If you would like some basic tutorials and useful info, please visit my site at www.dontsuckatmarketing.com

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