Need help in generating 20,000 leads for an event in two weeks

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I have an upcoming event in Philippines where I need to drive 20,000 people for attendance. So far, I've been struggling. I tried all sorts of the usual methods like doing Facebook ads, Google Adwords, even going to the facebook groups of similar niches but there hasn't been much success. There have been 100 leads so far but more than half of them are crap. Does anyone here have any success driving leads to an event and actually convert? What's your game plan and how did you go about executing this successfully? Thanks!
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    2 weeks to get 20,000 attendees to an event?

    Why should people go to this event? Will they actually benefit or are you just going to sell them some crappy product?

    Find out how your attendees will benefit
    . Once you do, start advertising those benefits. If they are good benefits you will have no problem attracting people. If you told 20,000 people that if they come to this event they will get a free TV tons of people would go.

    Nobody will come if you have nothing to offer them

    Have a website that makes nothing? Let me do the work, you sit back and profit. See my JV thread here!

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      Hi Joseph, thanks for your reply on this, appreciate it. The event is to promote an upcoming fight in Manila as I run a sports media network, a MMA/boxing organization, similar to UFC. We are trying to increase TV ratings with digital marketing and to promote an upcoming fight between two of our fighters in Manila, thus we require 20,000 attendees for this event. Considering the large volume, giving out an expensive item per person is not ideal and cost-effective as this would probably use up our entire marketing budget. But thanks for this idea, we might just give out freebies in other ways but at the same time, we have to be careful and tactful going about this as we don't want to cheapen our brand.
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        What you can do is contact the newspapers and do the usual press gifts. Get them a loot bag of whatever and make sure they mention you on their lifestyle and sports section this coming weekend. Move fast really fast!

        And in preparation to your next event, make sure you give these newspapers' photographers ringside seats so they will have content for you on your next announcement.
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    20,000 in 2 weeks? Yikes. God bless you.

    My question: why the 20,000 number? How about driving interested human beings to your list, and to your event. Make it about humans. Not numbers. And you will draw in more humans. And targeted humans at that
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      Yes this is all about driving 20,000 human/attendees to this event!
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    How did this pan out?
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      Hi Simon, thanks for your feedback, appreciate it. Unfortunately, I was told that the plan has to be digital marketing related. What you suggested was PR tactic. Do you know of any great digital marketing strategies to increase attendees to an event?
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    I am more curious that you have to be in two places at the same time??
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      They are two separate events and my job is to drive the leads on the digital platform for both events.
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    I'm from the Philippines. What event was this? What is your market? Does your event have a facebook page and facebook event?
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