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Hi all,

So I've been freelancing such a long time now and I want to start something different and I'm not sure how to market the idea.

I see great benefit in creating tutorials (how to draw cartoons) and posting them on a blog, as well as creating clip art vectors and selling them royalty free. I would also like to set up a small agency where clients hire cartoonists. I would like to do a few other few other things as well, such as reviewing products related to my niche.

My predicament is... Do I create a separate website for the tutorials, clipart and agency-side or do I use my company and brand, Toonjam Studios to encompass them all into one site?

What is the best strategy? Does anybody else have a similar situation where your company offers different types of services that you spread across one site? Or multiple sites?

Really keen to hear what others are doing or would do in this situation.

Thanks in advance,
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    A good rule of thumb is to be a specialist in particular area. speshly in broad markets like that, the competition can be quite heavy

    so i'd say pick your best strength and lead with that, you can still setup other sections on your site for your other services

    or if you decide to create a funnel, then some of your other services could work as upsells

    there's a few ways to approach it

    but what i will say is don't try to be the "jack of all trades"

    because unless you got deep pockets, you really do have to carve out smaller niches and expand as your reach as your reputation grows

    and yes you should use the same long as its all relative, dont make extra work for yourself trying to build out multiple brands
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    To me, the decision should be based on this: what is best for your prospects and customers? Will multiple sites be too confusing, or counter-intuitive?

    I would think as long as everything is related to one niche, it's best to keep everything under one roof.
    • It's less work to worry about one site
    • It's easier to promote one site
    • It's more efficient to have everything under one brand
    • You'll be able to cross promote your various offers without your customers having to leave one site and go to another
    • One purpose, one business mission, one set of policies and terms
    • The only caveat is that everything you do is within one niche (which sounds to me like what you are planning - it's all related)
    • If you find that you want to expand or branch out down the road, you can always do that - nothing says you're always going to have to stay at one web site
    • I think you'll command more authority with one larger site compared to multiple smaller ones.
    Just my personal thoughts ...


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    I think you should master a specific area become very good at it and you will find a lot of projects if you are good at it
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    Don't try to be the "jack of all trades," If you try to be so you will be wasting your time. You should start step by step, first go with blogging for DIY once you get response there, then step forward for next service.
    Obviously dont spend money and time creating separate websites. You can add up the services in your website once you are successful with the service you started. If you have good response for all services, then you can think of multiple websites.
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    Create your company brand. Just create a website with services in subpages.
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