I'm kinda saddened about Clickbank... (and query about something else)

by ebet 12 replies
It's because they won't accept sign ups from my country.

Any alternatives you can recommend?

Also, I keep on reading about article marketing.
Basically it's about writing a lot of articles with an affiliate link, or to your squeeze page, or something else. Is it right?

With this, I really want to try out article marketing but most that I see are affiliates on Clickbank, which I can't sign up to.

Any comments or helpful thoughts?

Thanks a lot!!!
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    although it's obviously paypal driven, so not sure if that's accepted either?
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    Spend a little money and acquire yourself a US, (or alternative), business address in a country that ClickBank DOES accept.

    Here's a site that will help you with that, as well as other tools you might need. No, its not an affiliate link...

    Offshore companies, discreet banking, maildrops, debit cards, anonymous communication | BMF&Co

    Good luck.
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    Wow! Thanks for the responses.

    I'm also thinking about requesting a favor to a relative living in a country clickbank accepts.

    It's either:

    1. Use his details as sign up data and split some of the earnings I make.
    2. Use my name and his address/phone. Then the cheques can be forwarded to me and again, split some of the earnings.

    What are your thoughts on this?
    What are the possible implications for this?

    Does Clickbank check its members' accuracy in the information provided? Or does it check in what bank account does its cheques are deposited?

    Thanks again!
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    I live in the Philippines as well so I got a business partner/cousin who lives in Germany to sign up for Clickbank. He receives the checks, deposits them to his bank account and forwards me the proceeds when they clear. Believe me, Clickbank is worth all the hassle! I resigned from a managerial job last October 2006 and have been making a living from IM since. We mostly use article marketing to promote our sites (have over 800 articles submitted in EZA alone). So if you need any help, PM me and I'll see what I can do. You have to be serious about this though. I'm very willing to help you but can't waste my time if you can't commit to this endeavor.

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    Thank you so much for all the advices!

    I'll check on 2checkout and paydotcom. Thanks Michael and bonafide70.

    Johnson, my concern about signing up another address is that maybe clickbank may have some system to check the accuracy of the details of it's members. So it may be very risky.

    tecHead, thanks for the tax-free-world.ws link but I really have no funds now for that.

    jbgal, wow! Glad to see a fellow warrior in the Philippines! Yes, I plan to talk with a cousin in Singapore to do just like what you're doing with your cousin. Though I'm still not sure if he's open to it.

    Thanks to all!
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    You mean you can't even order clickbank products for your own personal use?
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      Send an email to the ClickBank service department. And ask them if they could consider making your country available in the signup list.

      I live in China and had the same problem, which was very disappointing when I had started to buy an online money making program and follow the steps as it instructs.

      Just after weeks, I checked ClickBank again. China was there in the list. So if you write to them, they might take it into consideration.

      Good luck.

      Robert P Liang

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    I can order on Clickbank. Though they don't allow sellers and affiliates from my country. I want to really try using Clickbank as a source of income.


    Really? Wow! That's worth a try. I think maybe if enough users from the Philippines will email Clickbank about it, maybe Clickbank will consider it.

    Thanks a lot!
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  • Funny, I went on google today and typed in affiliate marketing and I seen 4 or 5 different affiliate marketing compaines. Their out there.
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    Yes there are a lot of other affiliate marketing companies.
    I'm more interested in Clickbank because:

    - I'm interested in marketing digital products
    - affiliates are paid by Clickbank itself, so better security for affiliates. Unlike some affiliate sites where affiliates are at the mercy of the vendors.

    Thanks for the reply!
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