How to find affiliates to promote your ebook....What's the best strategy?

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Ok, so you got an ebook in clickbank, 2% CR, Niche market with with 70% or so commission.

Whats the best way to get new affiliates on board?
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    you can use this forum under the affliates section. if you have oto. you can give your affliates 100% of commission and you make money on the oto. works great
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    Originally Posted by Phillip Jackson View Post

    Ok, so you got an ebook in clickbank, 2% CR, Niche market with with 70% or so commission.

    Whats the best way to get new affiliates on board?
    Show them that it converts and has high EPC - low refunds.
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    1. Find other products in your niche that have launched with a contest (even if on other platforms). Look at the winners on the leaderboard.

    2. Friend them on Facebook and begin developing a friendly relationship with them. Also,get on their list to see what they specifically promote and why.

    3. When the time is right (ie: not the first day you friend them), reach out to them with an entire JV bundle ready. This includes:

    - An explanation of what your product is or what it teaches (simple 1-2 sentences), but you'd be shocked at how many people don't bother to tell prospective affiliates this and expect US to spend time going to figure it out.

    - A link to the JV page AND the specific page on the platform where they can grab their links (even if it's on the JV page)

    - Review access. Don't make them ask. Just send it right then and there.

    - A perk. Could be a coupon, a commission bump, an extra bonus - whatever. But if you're trying to get an affiliate as opposed to them coming to you, offer something.

    4. Have the right reasons for approaching them. For some, it's merely a "reciprocal promo" deal. For others, like me, it's sheer quality. I have people ask me to promote stuff that my list won't respond to and they're shocked I won't do it because they offered to promote me. That means nothing to me. But to others, it will - so see how the person operates.

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    What Tiff said and also adding to the Community here in a subtle but helpful way is another means to add affiliates
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  • I will also try to market the product through email marketing. Spend time on research. Look for related websites that promotes products or topics similar to your niche. Construct a good email that you can send out to these website owners. Also, a good sales copy and landing page works wonders. Try to jot down the advantages that they will get in promoting your product and give them lots of reasons on why they should promote your product.
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    These days, many of your affiliates will be on social media. If you are not already there, get onto Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and use their search functions to find people, pages and groups that correspond to your niche. Then, approach the influencers with Direct Messages, Private Messages (after doing some basic background research on their business). Contact 100 and you're bound to get a few to respond to get things rolling. These people can provide reviews, testimonials, endorsements and become full affiliates if you handle it right.
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    One idea that work with any type of product it's to test it first with some soload vendors and them showing your results to entice people to become affiliates.

    If you are one of those people that are looking for a way to make it online, then we should be in contact...

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