Where do you get covers for ebooks made?

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I need some ecovers done for ebooks, I already know a few designers but want to know where you people go to get your ecovers done?

I want high quality, fiverr unfortunately I haven't found a really good one.

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    Last time I went to 99designs. You pay more than on fiverr but it's worth it!
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    Sometimes you can find a gem on fiverr but often not.
    99designs is pretty damn good.
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    Best seller clients of mind get most of their covers from Fiverr believe it or not.

    One client, in particular, blew lots of money on self-proclaimed 'hitmaker' cover artist who is big on a Kindle board. My client actually got better results off a $5 Fiverr gig

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    I have had very good luck on Fiverr. The key is to look at their samples, but more importantly look at the reviews. Make sure the reviews are recent.
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    I think you can find it on fiver if you give a proper research check ratings ,reviews etc
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    How can you not find a good one on fiverr? There are bunch of them. Sure, you have to spend more if you're looking for a better quality and fast delivery. Money is the language.

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    I just had a real nice one done for $15 by a girl on Fivver...
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