Big Traffic and Hosting Problems?

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Can you recommend me the hosting who can keep the site alive when traffic is high?

I got some problems with the hosting, because when I have a peak time, I got message "Origin error", and they can resolve that more than 1 month. They really pissed me off, and last night we talk more than 3 hours to resolve my problem. When I get "Origin Error", the only solution they provide me is to restart VPS server, but if I'm not online, site will not working until someone call them and ask them to restart.

They want from me to pay managed to host team - 1 or 2 hours, to configure my server. But, why I have to pay something when they have to resolve errors on their servers? No one told me that, when I moved to the VPS, that I have to pay for the additional service.

After 3 hours or talking/chatting with them, they installed Opcache on their VPS server, so we will see how it will react.

This is the last chance they have. I keep losing my money, my audience and my patience with them. Yesterday, my site didn't work more than 2 hours on the peak time (I was sleeping, time zone is a different) and when I wake up I saw a problem. After they restart, site was working, but... I want to have a normal hosting, I don't want to be 24h online.

When I have 1k people on my site in the same moment, what kind of hosting you recommend? I have VPS, RAM: 4GB†, Storage: 75GB, Bandwidth: 4TB, IP Addresses: 3.

I have 20k page views per day. Site is built in the Wordpress. My DNS is not on the hosting IPs, but on the advertising company IPs. They are like a proxy server and after I talk with them and hosting (month ago), hosting admit that problem is on their end.

Looking forward hearing how can I resolve this nightmare.

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    Where are you hosting your site? Hostgator?

    Siteground and Wp Engine work well for Wordpress sites and they have good support, too.
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    I have tried Namecheap & Hostgator, both worked well. I guess the big names are generally ok. The biggest difference to me is the user interface and customer service.

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    Which hosting provider are you with right now better to ditch them right away. Just 20k visits a day and the website goes down even with 4 gb ram vps, I have a website which receives more than 30k visits a day and on peak hour i have like 1k+ visitors. Now you will be surprised to know that the website is on shared hosting over hostwinds and I never had any problem.

    Either pay someone to optimize things for you or switch to something else like Digital Ocean or PowerUpHosting
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    Try Hosting24.I have more than 100,000 visits/day and i don't have any problem.
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    You can try SiteGround. Just have a chat with them, tell your requirements. the support team will guide you which plan to choose. They are best in providing technical support.

    Learn more about blogging tips, tutorials and deals

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    I would recommend you a Cloudways, it's a managed hosting platform, It has also a feature of auto-scaling too...... You can enjoy the WordPress hosting at a very affordable price $7
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    Where is your VPS with? I only ask as not all VPS' are created the same. I've tried a few different ones in the past and some even with higher RAM, CPU, etc have been slower.
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