Where does one start in Internet marketing?

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Hello Warriors,

I've done plenty of research in the internet marketing field and I think this would be a great field to get into as it is a very profitable, and valuable field to get into for starting business later in my life. I'm currently an 19 year old HS graduate (graduated may of this year) and I want to learn a skill and master it to start earning an income from it. The one thing i have yet to find from all over the internet is where to start and how? Can someone answer this for me please? I think that this is the place where that answer SHOULD get answered? HELP.
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    Just to clarify, I only have $4 USD to my name.
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    You start with your previous thread - and you've had some good answers.

    Best advice - get at least a part time job so you have a few dollars to spend on hosting and a domain - on tools you need.

    The internet doesn't care that you have $4 - you don't earn money online based on what you need or want...you earn based on how well you plan and execute that plan. You have a lot to learn but it's doable - make it easier on yourself by earning enough money to start a real business online. Doesn't take much...but it's much harder to build a business when you invest nothing at all in it.
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    We meet again. I spend an hour or two looking for a job and applying everyday. It's hard where I live. That's why I want to spend my time working on and honing a skill(s) so that hopefully I won't have to rely on that phone call.
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      The thing is Kaleb, you can hone your skills which is awesome, but need to make enough money to buy your domain and hosting, at a minimum. So yep; either pick up the phone and keep calling, or if you can, walk door to door, grab a part time job - stocking shelves, whatever - and you will make the money you need to make to set the foundation for a profitable business.

      Hopping online with only $4 to spend will lead to years of endless struggle, because the internet responds terribly to folks who try to make money through it, but responds really well to folks who invest in their blog, their brand and their online business, said folks practicing their skills in the process.
      Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    There has to be a way to be a way where I can start with no money? I'm willing to put in that work until I get a job.
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    Originally Posted by kaleb wade View Post


    There has to be a way to be a way where I can start with no money? I'm willing to put in that work until I get a job.
    If you are determined to not follow good advice about getting a job or other income, then prove you are willing to do the work by finding the answer for yourself. You are asking for handouts.

    If you want to get serious and do it for free you can. But not with the handout mentality.

    Find the answer and then work like you mean it - like your life depended on it.

    When you start doing it (whatever you find) then come back when you run into problems. After you have a site up. After you have stuff for sale. After you have your ad for your services up. After you have an email list started. Etc.

    All of the answers are on this forum. You say you've done research so now it's time to make a decision and get going.

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    Thanks Mark. I am taking Ryan's advice. I will continue to look for a job. I'm talking about in the meantime.
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    kaleb wade , check my reply on your other thread on starting with copywriting.

    For business, I'd start with these, in the following order: (NOT AFFILIATE LINKS)

    1. https://www.amazon.com/UNSCRIPTED-Li.../dp/B06XBRLXJC
    2. https://www.amazon.com/Millionaire-F...dp/B004BDOUAI/
    3. https://www.amazon.com/The-Millionai...dp/B01IRTK2SU/
    4. https://www.amazon.com/DotCom-Secret...dp/1630474770/
    5. https://www.amazon.com/Expert-Secret...dp/1683504585/
    6. https://www.amazon.com/Write-Copy-Se...dp/B01BKS3VFG/ or https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Sale.../dp/1440511411

    I would also optin to Paul Myers' list (http://www.talkbiz.com/) to get his 'Need To Know' report and follow that. He used to be a Moderator here for many years.

    The other report to get is ' Before You Buy Anything' by Gordon Alexander (Who replied to your post with an exact action plan for you to follow in the other thread) -> http://www.flylowcollectdough.com/ (No optin required for that file)

    These books, the first 3 will set you up with the right mindsets and what to look for when building a business, and last 3 will help you create that business with the right understanding of funnels, copywriting etc that you can use regardless of whether you want to become a copywriter, marketing/funnel consultant etc.

    One caveat, after reading those books, start taking action, unlike me who went on a 'learning binge' that ended up being a vicious cycle that is hard to get out of.

    All the Best.
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    Hello Kaleb Wade,

    As you have read before, Internet marketing is all about promoting your business on the internet through various web properties. The most important web property is a Website.

    Start with building your own website and then do SEO on it. While your website is building up, so SMO for the kind of business you want to do. Try to gather your audience together so that later on you can promote your website easily.

    To popularise your business online, affiliate marketing and email marketing will help you a lot.
    Affiliate marketing - You can put up ads on other websites and get traffic and branding for your website.
    Email Marketing - You can collect email ids from people you are connected to on various social networking platforms and keep sending them emails about the latest happenings in your business and industry. Tell them about the new products and services you offer.
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    Starting a business (any kind) without a proper way to sustain yourself is not such a good idea. Instead, you should be looking at your skills and see what work you could do for other people to earn that small amount of cash which will later help you to establish your initial steps.

    I was in a very similar situation myself after I graduated. I had a shitty job to pay my rent and I used all of my free time to study various internet niches. After reading enormous amounts of badly written content on the internet, I understood that there was a need for good copywriters, so I found myself a copywriting job which allowed me to work closely with experienced website professionals. It all eventually led me towards creating my own project. (2 years later)

    My point is, - don't be hasty. Find and evaluate your skills. Find relevant work where you could learn the skills you require in order to move forward.
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    Don't think about $1000. Think about $2 only. And, it should be passive.

    If you can create any business model, any niche website, or any social media platform that can bring only $2 each day, you are going to be rich soon.

    Once you have that $2 daily, create more profit machines like that.

    Achieving $2 daily as a passive income is quite easy... If you know the right techniques, you can achieve it within a day.
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    by kaleb wade
    Where to start and how?
    First, you need to have the right mindset and looking this as a real business, then you need a business model to work it.

    Sound simple because it really is.

    A business needs some resources to start so you need to get them if you are really serious about this.

    There are some free ways to make money and start promoting, but not all of them (maybe all) are recommended because you can lose some valuable time doing them.

    I think almost everybody can agree that the 3 resources to run an online business are a web page, hosting and an autoresponder.

    Hope this may serve you.

    If you are one of those people that are looking for a way to make it online, then we should be in contact...

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    You need a job. Plain and simple.

    IM is a business that requires marketing $ even for the basic necessities.
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  • 1) Find a niche you are passionate about.
    2) Find a product in that niche on Clickbank and start promoting it.
    3) Learn affiliate marketing (the basic concepts are sales funnels, driving traffic and autoresponder sequences).

    There's a lot to learn and promoting other people's products is a good way to start.

    Are you an affiliate marketer? Would you like to learn how to receive high affiliate commissions? I have something that might help you...

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    If you're interested in doing internet marketing but you only have $4 to your name, then my first suggestion would be to get a job and save up at least $50 to get the bare minimum of a domain, hosting, and an autoresponder setup.

    Your Vehicle

    Making money online is similar to driving a vehicle. You're a driver and your business is the vehicle. If you want to make money quickly, you need to choose a fast vehicle. However, if you want a fast vehicle, you will have to spend money to get it.

    If you were to buy a Ferrari, you would expect to spend a lot of money and the same goes for starting an online business. You can join an opportunity, or buy a franchise, but you will have to spend a lot of money depending upon how good the business is.

    If you decide to start your own business from scratch, you can do that without spending a lot of money, but your road to success will be a lot longer and probably be a lot more difficult. However, the reward of building your own business from nothing and turning it into a success, will be a very rewarding experience.

    So, what vehicle do you choose?

    A Ferrari or a Donkey?

    Choose a business model that interests you.

    Fast business models include: affiliate marketing, network marketing, and buying a franchise. Essentially, you will be plugging yourself into a pre-existing business.

    Slower business models include: product creation, selling services, and providing entertainment. If you choose to go this route, you will literally have to start from scratch and build your brand from the ground up.


    Once you choose your vehicle, you will need to fuel to get it moving.

    Traffic is the fuel to your vehicle.

    You need to get eyes in front of your offer and I'm not talking about a couple people a month, I'm talking about 100 visitors or more to your offer per day.

    It doesn't matter how luxurious your vehicle is, without fuel, you're not going anywhere.

    You can generate traffic with free methods or paid methods.

    Free traffic: word-of-mouth, content marketing, social media marketing

    Paid traffic: paid advertising, banner ads, solo ads

    Mental Toughness

    Starting your own online business comes with a learning curve like anything else.

    You will be challenged by obstacles and a lack of consistent results in the beginning, but you need to stay consistent with your traffic generation efforts, and don't get distracted by other opportunities that promise fast riches.

    Take it one day at a time, and push yourself to work harder as you begin to master traffic generation, and the art of selling. Read books, listen to audios, and do whatever it takes to stay motivated to take daily action.
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    Identify your passion first. Secondly you should also identify the solutions that you want to bring to the market place. Once you identify the solution i.e. your field of expertise you bring it to the market place.
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    Hey great age to start. The sooner the better. And not many 19yr. olds have this type of entrepreneurial mindset.
    So good for you.

    I would stick around and find some 'silent mentors' here. Those quality contributors who you can glean some of their techniques and strategies by just observing and listening
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    I would recommend saving up a bit, then venture into an online business. In the meantime, you should lurk on the forum and review some of the processes folks are running to generate $$$.
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    Personally, if I just started, I would start making apps for the Google Play Store. Creating info apps, like how to tie a fishing knot, scrapbooking guide whatever is popular in the app store just make them better. Google Play does all the marketing for you.You don't need to know allot of coding and you can find all the content in the public domain or buy resell rights to e-books and change it up a little mostly copy and past, it was the easiest money I ever made, until I went against the google play policies and posted my Amazon affiliate links where my website URL should go and Google terminated my account. Make sure you follow the rules and their policies, I won't like depending on google for my income because they can terminate your accounts without notice or reason, but it's usually because you went against their policy. I only made 2 sales trying to get over on google and it was not worth it. You do have to pay a fee to become a google play app developer,it's like $25 bucks I think, but it's worth it, you get paid like clock work(every month) and you only do the work once.
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    You can start with seo marketplace
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