How to fill an offline conference

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I would like to do a brain storming session with you and put forward all the different techniques to fill an offline conference. I think this could turn out a great resource for a lot of us.

Here are my five suggestions.

JV with the speakers, Adwords, press release, adds in local papers, social groups in the are the conference is to be held.

So what are yours.

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    you can try

    I remember David Frey mentioned that he used it to find folks in his area to host a one day seminar. (or something to that effect)
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      First time I've really ventured into this sub-forum. I spend my time in the copywriting forum but I came here looking for some info and found this.

      Look, it really depends on what kind of event you're running as to how to fill it.

      Bigger, more costly events take a lot more promotion. You can forget about just sending a letter and filling your seminar. You will need to plan out your attack a couple of months in advance with free information, some tele-seminars, and so on to get people to attend.

      A smaller freebie type event is easier to fill. All you need is some big benefit that people will get from attending and then keep it short and sweet, and at a convenient time for people. Also, remember your offer is important so if you can put in some goodies like free info or some consulting time with you even better.

      Its kinda hard to get more detailed than that since different kinds of events require a very different approach. If you've got a specific event in mind though feel free to PM me and we can have a chat.


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