Auto Password programs for Mac's?

by Simon Nicholls 4 replies
Hi All,

I'm looking for a decent program that will automatically store all of my usernames and passwords. I'm running Mac OS X Leopard, and preferably ant something that's free or doesn't cost that much . . .

Look forward to hearing your suggestions!

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    ROBO FORM you can have a test drive and then if you want to purchase its just $ 25 i guess google it

    Hope this helps
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    We use 1Password on all of our Macs, it is far superior to anything we ever used on our PC's over the last 25+ years. But, we continue use RoboForm on our Windows Operating System on our Macs, as we still consider it the Cadillac of password programs for the PC.

    I must respectfully disagree with Mike Filsaime regarding his rating. I don't know how he is basing his evaluation, but we established a thorough checklist, with the issue of security placed in the number one slot. We put a number of programs through rigid trials, and 1Password came out on top by a wide margin in every category. It is stable, their customer service is fabulous, their updates are consistent and release candidate level, it uses minimal resources compared to others, and overall the program smokes out the competition.

    Try it, if you don't agree, or you find it cumbersome, try something else. When we migrated from the PC world to the Mac world, we compared hundreds of programs in numerous categories, in order to find similar software to that which we used for decades. If you need additional information, PM me, I will be more than happy to assist if possible.

    Paul Alan Schubert - "Success is a State of Mind"
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