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Thank you in advance you for thoughts and opinions.

If you visited a website that had a natural-language AI, and that AI allowed you to ask questions about the product or service on the website, would you use it?
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    Depends on the execution. If it's done well, I'd probably try it. If it's as clumsy as most I've seen, nope.

    After that, it depends on my UX.
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    No i wouldn't use it. Most that i've seen give you basic templated responses. Similar to when you call your bank's 1-800 number, the robot operator tries to solve the problem for you - when all you want to do is reach a customer service rep for a 30 second question.

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    It would depend on how intelligent the AI was. If it's just a basic response system then I don't think it would really be that useful.
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    As I am learning, there is an interesting challenge - It is the Chicken or the Egg... The AI needs a lot of user questions to learn the different nuances, so it can determine the best answers. (Accuracy improves) While that learning process is taking place, the experience may not be as good as it will be.
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