Some Advice for Struggling Internet Marketers

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Hi Guys,

Many established, successful Warriors who offer advice may have different styles, strategies and deliveries.

But in the end, when you ask a question, make a plea for help, or, when you say "I tried that, and it didn't work," understand that the people offering you successful advice have 5, 10 or 20 or even 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, and most of these folks have 10 or more years of IM experience.

We have made so many mistakes that you are making now, and many of us have seen thousands upon thousands of people make the mistakes that you may be making now.

That's why we offer successful advice. And it's also why successful Warriors will challenge you, or tell you like it is, or point out that you keep asking the same questions, and expect a different answer or even worse, a magic bullet that doesn't exist, and will never, ever exist. Because if it did exist, everybody would be a successful IMer.

You will begin to see certain patterns from successful Warriors, when they offer advice:

- Be patient
- Be a student of IM; read threads, buy products, take notes, study, put the knowledge into practice
- Follow a few skilled, helpful, compassionate IM mentors
- create value, problem solving value
- connect with leaders in your niche, befriending them and learning from them
- Persistently help folks and build connections
- Be generous

Sometimes you read a response, think that it's bad advice, or incomplete advice, or that your case is different, and dismiss the advice.

But the source of the advice has decades of experience, or at the very least, years, and they know what works, and you don't know what works. So open up, humble yourself, put your ego to the side, listen up, and realize that in most cases - especially when you see patterns from pro Warriors - that you are getting good advice, excellent advice really, but that you are seeing it through your own fear-based, faulty, filters.

The advice rocks. But you need to take off your negative, struggling, desperate or frustrated glasses, to see it.

People here genuinely want to help you. Especially established Warriors who offer meatier, thorough responses.

Sure we build business through our responses too, but I could be in many other places right now at 12:25 AM on a Friday morning. Namely, in bed.

Be open. Be humble. Listen. Study.

You will accelerate your success quickly when you realize that you have a wealth of knowledge here, and all types of experience.

Just because the advice offered here is free, doesn't mean it is not worth hundreds to thousands of dollars, or much, much more, when you apply these concepts over years.

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    This is very inspiring, Ryan, and the advice you and more experienced warriors provide are indeed helpful to those who are still new.
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    • Profile picture of the author ryanbiddulph
      Hi Kiryu,

      Thanks for reading.

      Happy to share some insights with all my fellow rocking Warriors.

      Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Hi, ryan thanks for the motivational speech
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      P you got it.

      Sometimes it helps to gain clarity when you are tuning in to someone with experience.

      Sure as heck helped me during leaner IM days.

      Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • Good Post Ryan, It will motivate all the newbie Internet Marketers.

    Be Patient is very Important for all newbie.( numbers of failures teaches the correct path in future )

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    • Profile picture of the author ryanbiddulph
      Thanks CJ.

      Being patient is one of those foundational qualities all successful marketers develop, over the course of their careers.

      Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve B
    Excellent Ryan, thank you. Your advice needs to be heard by both struggling new marketers and also the seasoned Warriors trying to help them. Patience and understanding are needed all the way around . . . it's easy to become cynical and cranky with new forum members when they ask the same questions that every other new member asks.

    The best to all of you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I couldn't agree more, while new members here need to be patient--so do people who have been here a long time--and have made it online.

    It is too easy to forget--that we struggled as well.

    That we probably asked the same questions--or at the very least, very similar question--and often more than once.
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  • Profile picture of the author Isaiah Jackson
    Here's my $0.02

    Stay focused.

    Some people get caught up in the small minor things that don't move the needle of their business.

    Send Emails, Get Paid - My business summarized in four words. For the how-to go here
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