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Hi Everyone! I got next situation: Iam going to put one Wordpress plugin into market and want to publish review for it on some Wordpress news sites. Can anyone point me best sites to put plugin review? I mean is there any good popular Wordpress related sites for this?
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    Codecanyon dot net is one good platform that you can test your plugin to see it would sell or not. You'll find lots of wordpress plugins there too.

    Moreso they are lots of marketers that go to codecanyon for wordpress plugins that can add their own spin on make it more better and then remark it for good profits.

    All the best
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      Sure, but people need to know that plugin exists, so Iam interested in promotion.
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    Yes, There are so many sites in the market to make your plugin popular but the plugin should be effective. There are so many platforms which tests the plugin and then add them.

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    Wordpress have their own forum (https://en.forums.wordpress.com/) where you could probably post a beta version and ask for reviews.

    A better strategy might be to create a scaled back, free version of your plugin and upload it to WordPress.org so people can install it from the WP dashboard. Offer a free upgrade to the first (say) 50 people who leave a positive review and a star rating. Make it easy to upgrade to the paid-for version from within the interface of your free plugin so you don't have to make any radical changes once you've got all the reviews you want. A lot of very successful plugin creators use this business model.
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