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I am a newcomer trying to work out exactly what I should be doing.

I started a few months back and got nowhere despite working very hard. Then I discovered the Warrior Forum and the information I found here told me why I hadn't made anything.

So now I am getting a much better idea of what I need to do and I am working to put this into action. But I find that every day I have questions in my head, things I don't understand.

I have been lurking here for ages, wanting to ask questions but being afraid to appear stupid. I do use the search facility but sometimes I can't find what I am looking for.

I suppose what I am trying to do here is build up to asking my first question. Well here goes.

I have hosting with Just Host and have built a couple of sites with their free website builder. The sites are ok, up to a point, but they don't appear in any search results and they don't make me any money.

My question is this. What is the difference between the sort of website building tool I am using which comes free with my hosting account and something like xsitepro which I have read a lot of good things about?
Would investing in xsitepro or similar help me? Would it help me to get my sites into search engine results or would I just end up with more poor quality sites because I am inexperienced?

Any help on this would be much appreciated. I am willing to invest if it is worth it but do have a limited budget owing to family needs so need to spend wisely.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
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    learn to build a list and use an autoresponder and the world will beat a path to your door.

    You don't even need a website (but it helps a lot!) to make money online.

    What you are doing is setting up a free site that is not keyword optimized and you are hoping that someone will find it.

    I suggest getting a good course on building a list and then marketing to that list. Also - set up a wordpress Blog - it's easy and can be done for free.
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    XSitepro is great, I have used it for over a year and keep building new sites and it is so easy. Well worth the cost .... good tutorials by the way

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    Just wanted to congratulate you on your courage to ask your question. The WF is full of folks who want to help and frankly we all had what we thought were stupid questions at one time.

    Keep asking them and you will attract the right answers.

    Much success to you.

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      Welcome Pauline,

      Let me see if I can break this down for you...

      1. What is the difference between the sort of website building tool I am using which comes free with my hosting account and something like xsitepro which I have read a lot of good things about?

      XcitePro is an excellent software. But it's not going to help you make money any faster then any other software.

      2. Would investing in xsitepro or similar help me?

      Read the above statement.

      3. Would it help me to get my sites into search engine results or would I just end up with more poor quality sites because I am inexperienced?

      It will only help you IF you understand and know how to get your sitws ranked higher in the search engines.

      I'll make a suggestion that could ease your pain and suffering just a bit if you're choosing to go the free route...

      Go to blogger.com and start blogging rather then building static sites.

      No wait... before someone bans me from their friends list...

      There is NOTHING wrong with static sites and I don't usually suggest going the free route either... however...

      Using blogger.com can definitely speed up the learning curve process. And you can mix and mingle with other bloggers to grow your following. Eventually you can go your own way, own domain, own hosting, and more then likely graduate to wordpress (which you may as well get a free account with them now as well).

      But this is ONLY if you want to build an authority type or personal blog.

      Otherwise, get a domain name, get hosting, and build some landing pages with subscriber forms on them and grow a list.

      Either way, you still have to promote it.


      Right Now. What a wonderful time to start!

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    Hi and thanks to everyone for their replies.

    I have been using Blogger as a way to get started and to learn and I agree with what Frank said about it speeding up the learning curve. My blogs are not very good but they are getting better! My latest ones do at least get a few clicks now as I am gradually learning how to promote them.

    I think though that I would like to have static sites as my long term goal. I know I have a lot to learn regarding SEO, keyword research etc but I am now learing much faster since I joined this forum. I just wondered whether if I do want to build high quality sites as my long term goal would it be better achieved using a tool like xsitepro. I assume it must be better than the free web building tools that hosting companies ainclude with their packages - otherwise no-one would buy them. But in what ways are they better?

    Thanks again for you help.
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    Hi Pauline,

    You'll make great progress now that you are communicating with other like-minded people!

    I understand your question - you want to know exactly how xsitepro makes building websites easier. I hope my reply doesn't make you feel even more frustrated...

    The simple truth is, if you don't yet have a List of suscribers you don't need xsitepro yet.

    You just need to build a simple squeeze page with an opt-in form on it so that you can offer a free product. (Visitors give you their names and email addresses in return for the free product & are added to your List).

    You can then start building a relationship with your list by using an autoresponder - this will put you in a great position to try selling them something later on.

    If I were you, Pauline, I would concentrate on starting this process first. Building a more sophisticated website comes a little further down the line...

    I wish you every success!

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    Hi again, and thanks for the additional replies, they are all much appreciated.

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    Hey Pauline

    I have an ebook site that I published through 3dcart not too long ago. I've gotten the majority of my SEO techniques from Warrior Forum. It is the absolute best resource you will find and I promise all your questions will be answered here.

    I'm also a newbie and have been searching for ways to promote my site. One strategy to consider is to create a squeeze page to start building a list. Just yesterday I came across this link here on WF and am very excited to say that I now have my first squeeze page up and running! I was able to get a free membership and in a short time had my page ready.

    Instant Squeeze Page Generator

    Keep in mind that you will need to sign up for an autoresponder service to integrate with your free squeeze page. I suggest you use Aweber. You can get the first month for $1. Then it goes to $19 a month!

    PM me if you would like to see what my simple squeeze page looks like.

    Hope this helps.
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