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Hey guys. As here is no domain forum thats why posting here
I found an expired domain name that is 17 years old and in DMOZ. When I buy it will it stay in DMOZ and its age? If not what to do
Help please! And can you appraise the domain?

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    I don't think Warrior Forum admin would mind very much if I mentioned these:

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    I always suggest you have a specific purpose in mind before you purchase a domain name. If not, why would you spend money on it?

    Are you going to develop a web site on it?
    Do you plan to just flip the domain for a quick profit?
    Are you just going to hold it and hope it increases in value over time?

    I'd like to suggest that buying a domain because it's listed in DMOZ and has a 17 year registration is not a good reason to spend money on it. If you are going to develop the domain and it's name has value in your niche, then it might be a good purchase depending upon what you do with it.

    Very few domains have intrinsic value. The real monetary value comes to a domain based on what is done with it.

    No one can accurately appraise your domain name - especially the free domain appraisal web sites. They are there to get you to spend money on their ads. The value of any domain name is determined by what a ready, willing, and able buyer will give you for it.


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      I like it. Some sound advice here from Steve!
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    It would be good if your domain name is related to the niche that u r doing. Or if u have no idea what niche u want to specialize in, then u should choose a general domain name.

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    If the domain name is currently available to register, then you will not get any age benefit. The age will start from the date you register the domain name.

    If the domain name is listed in Dmoz directory, you will get the benefit from Dmoz, whether it is traffic, SEO etc.

    Coming soon!

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    DMOZ is shutting down or is already shut down so I wouldn't put much stock in it being listed on that site.
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      Originally Posted by jimbobo2779 View Post

      DMOZ is shutting down or is already shut down so I wouldn't put much stock in it being listed on that site.

      As of Mar 17, 2017, dmoz.org is no longer available.
      If you are interested in staying in touch with the DMOZ community, please visit www.resource-zone.com

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    I'm with Steve here.

    I think we would really need to know the purpose of the domain to be able to comment.
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    I think that there is no way a site can get the age after it expired, as "RENEW DATE" and "EXPIRED DATE" are different. After an expiry it start's fresh as new.
    The main thing is that:
    If a domain had a great traffic then why should any one let it expires?
    Unless Google has banned it, as it's hard to resurrect a banned site.
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    Make sure that the domain has value before you buy it, and don't base your purchase solely on the age and its' DMOZ listing. Also, is there still a website with the domain, and has it remained relevant? This will can affect DMOZ. You should appraise it, but that is something you will need to do yourself. That way you can do it right, and understand the criteria that led to the appraisal.

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