1 Weird Mental Block Concerning Making Money Online and Having Integrity

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A weird mental block that has morphed into an internet marketing meme in some circles seems to plague online entrepreneurs.

For some reason, people cling to the idea that if you are honest, genuine and build a business with integrity, that it is more difficult to make money online over the long haul versus if you lie, cheat or flat out manipulate people into giving you their money, through dishonest, hyped up claims.

I get it; you may earn a quick buck if you get really really good at playing on people's fears, or on their greed. But long term, I have found it much easier to make an increasing amount of money by being honest, clear and to blog with integrity.

Can you be honest and make money online persistently?

That's the only way to do it. persistently at least.

People who operate without integrity either run into so much resistance that they quit, wind up in trouble with the law, earn a pretty penny but do so miserably, or fail horribly.

Operating with integrity is the quicker, easier way to make a fortune....over the long haul.

Trying to build an online business without being honest, clear and genuine is like carrying around an anchor of guilt and fear, pulling you down each day. You can see it with penny earners and top earners alike; whether you make peanuts, or massive profits, you know that lying or holding back,trying to squeeze as much cash through numbers (masquerading as people in your eyes) will eventually catch up to you in some way, shape or form. It always does, because you cannot get over what's still in you. Meaning that fear-based guilt, anger (combativeness with people who bring up your lack of clarity, etc), embarrassment or false bravado always manifest as some really crappy situations, near or short term. Either you lose all of your money (your deepest fears ensure this) or you lose your reputation and leave the online world all together.

Meanwhile, those fun-loving, generous, honest folks who build businesses with integrity - remaining true to themselves and their customers - steadily make more money over the long haul. They get rich slowly, maybe, but they keep getting more wealth in a sustaining fashion. This is not too important to them though; having fun with their business, serving folks and sleeping well at night (having a clear conscience is priceless) matters most to them. The money is merely a by-products of their integrity and the value they bring to the table.

These people become the leaders of their niche, the influencers, the most inspirational figures and yes, they tend to make huge amounts of money over years, then decades, because they were honest, helpful, and didn't allow their fears to call the shots, when it came to building their business, creating helpful content, crafting valuable products and services and building connections with influencers in their niche.

You actually make a lot more dough when you are honest, and you lose more dough when you are being dishonest.....when you look at the full body of work over years.

You really don't get rich quick when you try to build an online business from a dishonest energy. You may allow in a ton of money fairly quickly but the appearance of riches are fleeting, going in and out like the tide, either vanishing before your eyes immediately or coming to you attached to so many headaches, so many critics and so many unhappy customers, that you embody the assinine mindset of more money more problems (only if you aren't being honest).

When you operate with integrity, money is increased freedom, not a jailer. And the cash will increase steadily over months, then years, because more and more like-minded folks will trust you and your brand, buying into your message, all because you did not give into fear when things did not *appear* to be working, remaining truthful and honest and clear throughout your campaign.

Your thoughts?
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    Very few people realise it when they're being dishonest.

    Read about the self-serving bias.

    People do terrible, terrible things under the illusion that they are justified (organised religion, anyone?).

    I do agree with what you wrote, though. I've done dishonest things - without realising it, or talking myself round to the point were I felt justified. I think we all have.

    Sometimes having to live with yourself after doing crappy things is enough to prevent you from ever doing them again.
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      Michael this is very true. Ditto here; in life, in general.

      Acting with integrity online does get easier when you really make it about helping people. I find it SO much easier these days to be truthful and to be clear on what I won't do because I don't fear not getting sales or traffic.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Awesome! I agree 100% I'm about to launch myfirstproduct and I was a bit worried because I'm very honest and I almost under hype it because I'd rather have people pleasantly surprised than disappointed...
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  • Profile picture of the author Regional Warrior

    I call that the Used Car Salesman approach , if you look at all the shady car yards out there they have a very bad name in the industry that is almost like bottom feeders and will do anything to sell a dud to a customer

    It like the bad Infomercials of video sales pages and webinar sprukiers of 5 yrs ago
    All that needs to removed before any one has the trust to think what people are selling is legit!

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    Very true...often the difference between taking a long-term approach to building in a market versus the short-term approach where you compromise your integrity, credibility and trust with your market.

    What is unfortunate is that people see the "flash" all over YouTube and Social platforms without 1) Seeing the vast majority of other business owners that serve their customers without all of the flash and 2) there are some of the "flashy" figures that have spent years/decades building their businesses and so what you are seeing NOW is the result of years of "eating sh**" and just learning/serving your customers

    It evens out in the end though...those who build real businesses last long-term, those who don't fade away and die by their sword
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