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Hi all,

Wanted to get some advice and as always I've turned to the warriors because no other forums compares to this one.

So in a nutshell my situation is:

Former freelance content marketer, much more focus on the creative and content designing side as well as outlining strategy.

There is admittedly a large gap in my knowledge I need to work on, which is coming up with ball park predictions for how much new traffic to drive to a website. I normally get decent results, but each niche is so different it's largely comparing apples to oranges. (I know this is something I should be able to do and I am working on plugging up this knowledge gap asap).

My assumption there is no short-cut simple answer for this, but I thought it would be useful to see some of the thought processes others go through when attempting to offer potential prospects ballpark figures on new customer aquisitions.

The second part of my question relates to what kind of price plans to offer new customers.

My rough plan is offer them the opportunity to have a bespoke simple marketing outline written for very cheap as a kind of tripwire / godfather offer to get them to make a micro commitment followed up by attempting to lock them in to a longer contract of say 3 months.

Does this sound like a good idea to you roughly speaking ? Or would you aim for longer / shorter contracts

Any thoughts would be much appreciated and massive thanks in advance.

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