Need an assistant: Where can I outsource easy video editing - and uploading to my site?

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I'm building a new membership site where I'm going to put all my tutorials for IM etc + a LOT of the MRR and PLR "How to"-videos etc that I own. It's going to be a great membership site.

BUT my challenge is that my time schedule is too tight for me to do both my day job (actually IM for companies) and preparing all the products , and uploading them to my existing site.

Where can I get someone to prepare the videofiles, upload them and do what I tell him/ her to do?

Please advice me,
and if you are interested in a deal - please PM me.

Best regards
Preben Olsen

PS: Mods: This is not a sneaky tactic to get sign ups. I have no link to my new site here... :-)
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    hi there, I'm sure there are people here that can help you, but I am a provider on and know there are loads of video/audio people on there.
    I believe it costs 5.00 to post your first project, and no requirement to choose a provider once they bid. good way to get rates as well
    I am taking on only ecover design work for the next 90 days. Rates are 47.00 for single cover, discounts for multiple..just ask! No payment until completed. for sample works
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      Thanks Linda!
      Any way to separate the "good" from the "bad" at elance?

      Thank you Allen for the forum, and all you others who make this a valuable place to stay :-)

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        I also recommend providers on for this work.

        Have a look at the jobs being posted, what the bids are etc to see what the going rate is.

        When posting your project, always, always ask for samples of work, or references.

        Look at the feedback record for bidders, and the number of repeat customers they have had.

        If they have a website, take a look at that.

        If they are new providers on the site, give them a go, at a low price. By funding through Elance's escrow arrangements, you can pay as set milestones are reached satisfactorily. We all have to start somewhere and I always like to give newbies a start . (And by saying that I don't presume to be an expert, but I do use Elance a lot.)

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    My webby is a great guy and he has all sorts of fancy video stuff. Send him an email.
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    I am interested to upload videos in your site
    Send me the details

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      Personally I use elance for outsourcing. I know of people that use craigslist, jobstreet and bestjobs. On elance I almost always ask for samples of their past work and experience.

      Also, mention something in your job posting like "this should be an easy job for someone that has done video editing before" and "if this goes well it could develop into a long term business relationship".

      I do that so that anyone posting knows that I know how to do the task I'm outsource (whether I actually do or not) and the potential of a long term relationship can often get you a price on your project.

      Hope that helps.
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    You might want to take a look at this thread in the Warrior Forum classified Ad

    Hope this helps.

    The Old Geezer

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