What Is The Most Sold Amazon Selling Course and Most Converting.

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I really like Amazon business especially when you want to sell through's FBA program.
I am in need of finding the high converting course that's teaching entrepreneurs how to sell on Amazon.
Because, as I said, I like the business model and now:
1. I want to promote the course.
2. I want to find the best traffic source and promotion method.
I will appreciate anyone's opinion.
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    I am a big fan of Jim Cockrum's Proven Amazon Course. This is the course I found when I first started my FBA business.

    The course is incredibly thorough and very reasonable priced. On of the amazing things about this course that it keeps growing. By that I mean that once you join his course you will have access to new material on a regular basis. They actually add new detailed courses to the main course every few months.

    This make for a very good value. There is also a very support and helpful community that you can access through the forum.
    How I really Make Money With Amazon

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      Hey thanks - we've really been pouring on the new modules and updates in the PAC lately. By far more success stories than any other course in the world...and priced at 1/10th the big hype big launch courses! Proud of the PAC team!

      We make 90% of our money DOING what we teach...not just TEACHING and selling courses.
      ProvenAmazonCourse.com aka the "PAC" now includes the #1 "Private Label" training on the web (ProvenPrivateLabel.com)! We've been teaching "physical product" sales online since 2002 & we've accumulated over 1,000 success testimonials!
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        My pleasure Jim. I love recommending great products that have helped me
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    I agree with DWaters about Jim Cockrum's Proven Amazon Course. I bought the Amazing Selling Machine course the 4th time around. If I had to do it over again I would not have purchased that course. You can learn everything you need from a much cheaper course.

    Amazon has changed a lot since I started my FBA business. The biggest challenge with this business model is cash flow. You have to have money to invest in inventory and be able to put all your profits back into the business. It takes a while before you can think about taking any profits out of the business.

    If you can handle the cash flow there is a lot of opportunity in an FBA business.
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