Start a WordPress Blog in 2018 | Step by Step Guide

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Start a WordPress Blog in 2018 | Step by Step Guide

How are you, warriors? I hope you guys are doing great. Today I will share some resources for starting a WordPress blog in 2018.
I don't like to give a lengthy introduction, let's dive into the content.
Step by Step Guide to Start Blogging in 2018

1. Decide and Mind setup

First of all, decide that you're going to start a blog and you're serious about it. You must have to have sometimes to spend on your blog. Avoid blogging, if you're a super busy person.
Setup your mind and think about positive and profitable sides of blogging.

2. Finalize your niche

Don't hurry in this step. It's imperative. If you can't find the proper slot, then your whole hard work could be spoiled. How to understand a niche is appropriate for you?
a. You're passionate about the niche
b. You know about your niche
c. You're interested to know more about it
d. You're highly interested to write about it
e. Niche has right audience (check with Keyword Planner or Google Trends)
f. Low competitive
I think that's it.

3. Do a Plan

In this step, you need to do a proper plan for your blog. What will you do at this stage?
a. Decide how you will monetize your blog, Ad or Affiliate
b. I suggest affiliate marketing and also using Google AdSense
c. How many contents you will give the first month, after a month you should start monetizing your traffic
d. What is your cost, how much can it cost?
e. Don't waste money on SEO services or buying guest blogging, do yourself.

4. Research for Keywords

You must have to find low competitive keywords for your content. I suggest finding 20 main keywords at first and writing 20 contents with them.
What should be Keyword data? I suggest picking minimum search volume 3000 and CPC $1.
Always try to find higher searched keywords, but it could be competitive sometime.
You can do total keyword research with free tools. I use Google Keyword Planner to generate keyword ideas and Moz to check competitor's strength.
Use, MozBar, Keyword Planner and Also can use Keyword Everywhere extension to see instant search volume.

5. Domain and Hosting

Most of the people do an excellent mistake picking hosting; I suggest Namecheap for buying a domain name. But Hosting? Never, Namecheap isn't a good option.
I got the best result using BlueHost, and HostGator is my sites. And I know lots of affiliate marketer and blogger who is doing great using those two web hosting.
Pick a brandable domain name and be aware that don't use anyone others name in your domain.

6. Write Content with Proper On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is essential. You must have to write quality content with proper on-page SEO. Brian Dean wrote the best on page SEO guide in Backlinko.

7. Publish Content

What to check while publishing content?
a. Use Yoast SEO plug-in to check On Page SEO.
b. Do proper internal linking (highly recommended)
c. Give some outbound links. (Authority Sites only, I suggest Wikipedia)
d. Do Image Optimization Properly
e. Give a Featured Image, Use Main Keyword in Alt text of featured image

8. Social Sharing

After publishing content, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus. It gives a signal to search engine to index quickly.
Avoid force indexing.

9. Start Building Links

10. Apply for AdSense and Other Networks
11. Make money
Make money blogging isn't a rocket science I think.
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    You can not have links in threads you need to remove them has been reported
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    You have reduced a very complex concept (make money from a blog) down to some bullet points. I appreciate your efforts. But, when you boil things down to sound bites, you lose all the nuance and context.

    Do you know how many people fall into blogging? Too many. Way too many if you ask me. Blogging market is flooded with countless would-be writers, millions of gifted writers, and billions of pages of content. That is your competition.

    If you love to write, if you have some writing chops, go for it. Your prize will be prestige and influence, not money.

    I will tell you, why? As a blogger, you've got about as much chance of making a living as you have of becoming an artist or a professional athlete. YES, only people that make it big in blogging are those with lots of talent.
    Do you need an exclusive video product?
    Graphics Design - Motion Graphics - 2D & 3D Animation - Video Editing - Color Grading - Logo Animation - etc
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      Well said, but the concept it clear for start blogging, people make it confusing.
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    Its a very good article for newbies.
    Nicely arranged and points are like bullet to understand.
    Keep up good work
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    • Profile picture of the author Sofor Ali
      Originally Posted by aminulbd50 View Post

      Its a very good article for newbies.
      Nicely arranged and points are like bullet to understand.
      Keep up good work
      I appreciate brother, thanks for your compliment.
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  • Profile picture of the author ChrisBa
    Thanks. Keep it up!

    I like how you also mentioned the domain and hosting. It's a huge pet peeve of mine when people try to get away with using the free hosting of Wordpress of other companies.
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