After creating a blog, what do I do next?

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I just opened a blog and I have no idea how to make money with my blog. Help me out please
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    Hi Titovina,

    congratulations on creating a blog - that takes some courage and dedication!

    There are many ways you can monetise your blog.

    Although you have not said what the topic is these will apply to virtually any blog.

    Lets say your blog is in the diet niche for example.

    Affiliate Programmes.

    You can sign up with affiliate programmes and promote products such as diet plans.

    Google "diet affiliate programmes" or whatever your niche is and you will see lots of them.

    You will receive a commission for every product sold with affiliate programmes.

    If you try products first you can give an honest review and you will usually sell more.

    Google AdSense

    You will make a commission from this once you sign up and put a small piece of code on your site, every time someone clicks on an AdSense ad.

    Sell Your Own Products.

    You could sell your own products from you blog. This could include diet recipes and ebooks.

    Sell Advertising Space

    Once you have a lot of visitors to your blog you can approach sites such as Adsterra Network who will offer pages on your website to people that want to place adverts on your site and you can make money from this. The more traffic the more you will make and it will also depend on the subject of your site.

    That's just a few ideas - I hope it helps.

    Best Regards

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      But if blog stands nowhere how can one use these mediums you mentioned above to convert into $$$


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        That's right, monetizing your blog after you create it is the wrong next step, you have to promote your blog first.
        Visit Over 700K Aged Domains with Good SEO Metrics for Your Money Site or PBN. Backlink, Traffics, DA, PA, TF, CF, Semrush, Ale... read more
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      Complete information. Thanks..
      Even I was looking for answer of same question.
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    None of those methods listed above will do squat if your blog doesn't have readers, and readers show up for one thing and one thing only. Content. That is your job above all else. You want to make money with your blog? Step one is to forget about money and put your entire focus into consistently and frequently posting content to your blog that your target readership will find valuable enough to trade some of their time and attention for. This is true regardless of what niche you blog in.
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    A blog is great, but if no one knows it's there then it is like have a store that no one knows about. You need to get some customers in your store. There are a bunch of ways to do that, I suggest googling it.

    Also you need to have a "offer" on your blog that you can generate income from. I suggest some type of free giveaway to get people on your list, then you can market them, and get them back to your blog for more tips.

    Hope this helps!


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    Monetizing a blog is the easy part but you will need to:

    1- create value based content around your main niche. This content needs to solve your target markets problems.

    2- Promote that content (there are tons of threads on this topic if you use the search feature above).

    Without traffic and readers, your blog and content is useless.

    3- monetize by offering some sort of free give away in exchange for their email addresses.

    4- lead capture page to collect leads and email list.

    5- email marketing to build relationships and eventually offer affiliate products that are in alignment to your niche and their problems.
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    Starting the blog is the first step. Unfortunately many more are coming.

    Start by focusing on content. Don't even worry about trying to make money yet.

    Make sure your writing as much content (posts) as possible. Once you've been doing this for weeks or months then you need to look at your visitors and determine if you have enough traffic and go from there.
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    5 things to do after creating a new blog

    1. Track your visitors.
    2. Submit your blog to search engines.
    3. Sign up for some basic webmaster tools.
    4. Submit your site to blog directories and social bookmarking sites.
    5. Implement some the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basics.

    RIkmanveer Travels
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    The second step is to focus on your content with your main niche. Don't mind of making money yet cause it will "slow" you down.
    Check your site's stat cause it tells how many traffic you get. The more traffic you get the better.
    Try to promote your site on many different networks to get more traffic.
    SEO is also important don't forget.
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    Post some well optimized contents and then share that links.
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    Thank you so much. All of you
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    Research some keywords you want to write content around.
    Go for long tail keywords - yes some may have very little in the way of search volume, but they all add up in the end.
    Produce an article of around 1500 words incorporating your main keyword and some related keywords.
    Optimise the article with the H1,H2and H3 tags as well as images based around the keyword.
    Produce a video based around the article and host it on YouTube with a link in the description pointing back to your site. Add the video to your blog article also.
    Create a Facebook fan page and posts your blog articles there.
    Join related Facebook groups and share your content there also.
    These tips have helped me rank well & drive traffic over the years.
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    Post fresh and knowledgeable content with internal links
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    Thank you for sharing. I just made my blog and it took almost four hours to write just one post. And then, I was looking for some answers on what to do next. I went through so many tips on promoting and getting traffic for hours, and I now realized, I need to write my next post. Who would want to revisit if a blogger has only one post. got it.
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    Ryan has some good stuff to follow when trying to blog
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      Robert you rock; thanks a bunch
      Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Originally Posted by titovina 1 View Post

    I just opened a blog and I have no idea how to make money with my blog. Help me out please
    Read. Learn more. Find a good book on blogging and start applying techniques. One of the first things you need to have on your blog is a subscription form - on every page. And put a hover ad on the home page to encourage new visitor signups. This is the beginning of a profitable blog - no matter what kind of monetization strategy you employ.
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    As others have said, your blog requires content above all else.

    Without content, you won't attract readers, in which case, all monetization strategies are for naught.

    So, spend some time brainstorming who your ideal audience is, and then figure out a bunch of cool content ideas that they might like.
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    Originally Posted by titovina 1 View Post

    I just opened a blog and I have no idea how to make money with my blog. Help me out please
    Why did you create a blog? What is your "message" in one sentence?
    Here I am - an online marketer, how can I benefit from your blog? Do you have some valuable experience to share, do you know something interesting?
    Can you come up with 50 blog post ideas within the next 10 minutes?
    Making money with your blog is like marry your kids. First, you have to grow them.
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    I think you should focus on trying to find blogs in your niche and leaving thoughtful comments. I mean the kind of comments that will pass the inspection of the blog owner. These are comments that will mean something and if done right can help you build traffic to your blog. Not everyone wants to do social media, because it can be confusing at times. Keeping things simple is sometimes the best way to be effective these days.
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    Value is what is going to get you money . So create blog post that solve the issues . What is your blog about and have you identified who your target audience is ?
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    Just get out there promoting it and driving traffic, the rest will follow if it's something you love
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    Well since you already gone and did that....!

    Now you realize that you needed to do some things FIRST!
    You could have started for FREE to:
    Create content in your passion niche.
    Positioned that content to attract targeted traffic.
    Collected emails.
    Made sales & MONEY.

    All before starting a blog!
    Now that you did...YOU STILL HAVE TO DO ALL THE ABOVE!

    Do yourselves a favor and follow these steps:

    FIND PASSION > FIND Target Traffic > THEN Create Quality Content > CAPTURE Emails (you've learned how to drive targeted traffic: >>>KEY<<<) > MAKE MONEY > Send MORE QUALITY CONTENT > THEN SEND TRAFFIC to the LAST STOP (your blog).

    Your blog should then be optimized to convert on various levels (based on wants and financial ability). You should be able to make all the sales possible from the targeted traffic streams you've developed prior to and now after you started your blog.

    There is no hard and fast rule, but this system would foster the needed skills for success in IM and as a blogger.
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    Hi Titovina

    Next, you need to define your strategy: how are you going to market and monetize it. Actually would have been better to have strategy in place already

    You can take an organic path: organic promotion, social media, networking etc, then selling a product or do affiliates/ads.

    Or, you can take an accelerated path: invest a bit in paid ads and monetize a product (I'd recommend an informational product like an ebook, case study, membership site etc). Works with physical products as well.

    Golden rule: regardless of the niche or the path you take, you need to deliver value to your audience!

    Shameless promo my side but I run a course exactly on that If you need more info, feel free to get in touch. Thanks
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    Great idea, Blogging is amazing!, So what you should do next!?

    Say you have this lovely blog in a certain niche. and d want to have readers, so start by asking yourself this question: What are the problems people in "Your certain niche" want to solve? Put yourself in the reader shoes, So once you found what are the difficulty or problem people in your niche have. you start by getting a list of keywords, check for low competition keywords and focus on them. it will take a little while and you will start seeing some results. clicks,visitors..etc

    Remember you are writing the article for your audience.

    Once you have build a steady visitors/readers/subscribers you can monetize that traffic via Affiliate Marketing, Opening a store, Selling banners ads, PPC publisher like Google Adsense..etc

    You will find many useful threads, tips here on WF. Also its a great community if you got any questions to generate targeted traffic to your blog. wether its free or paid.

    So the main thing is getting traffic and building an online presence. everything will fall in the right place afterwards.
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    Great, you took the first step.

    Now, get on a regular posting schedule, like 5 days per week.

    Then, syndicate these posts on social media, the big players, facebook, twitter, etc.

    Next, join, say five forums in your niche, and simply help people out.

    When you get enough posts to have a sig, link to your blog.

    Next, find some products that you want to promote and write reviews of them on your blog.

    Of course, you can also link to these products in your other posts.

    When you get comfortable, you can start building a list, by giving something away--or publishing a weekly newsletter.

    Keep this up and you should be fine.
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    after creating your blog, post useful topics to drive enough traffic without traffic all that above can not give you even 0.01 cent.
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    • Regular blog posting
    • Useful content
    • Share your post on social media sites
    • Facebook marking to drive traffic
    online marketing and SEO is important to drive traffic to your blog
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      I haven't figured it out yet but i have always been draw to blogging
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        You need to learn some skills like writing, SEO, keyword research, social media marketing, copywrite etc.

        I would start with writing and SEO. There are free resources on the internet. You can check some authority sites like backlinko and neilpatel. Also there are some training programs but the good ones have a joining fee.

        You can make money with your blog but it takes time... Good luck!
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    In order to make money from the blog, all you need is traffic. To drive organic/real traffic to your blog you need quality content on your blog. Before creating any content just choose your niche in which you are writing. Write simple articles and include few keywords in your articles and you are done. When you feel you have enough content to share just viral your content on social media. Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram to drive free traffic. If you have the budget, I will recommend you to use FBEngagr PRO, which works on Autopilot and gives you 100% free real traffic.
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    Good start but I have no idea what to do next
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    Hey titovina 1,

    You might want to check my post here:

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    Really focus heavily on ensuring you feel passionate about blogging, and about the niche that you choose.

    It takes a while to make money because money flows in after you learn a skill, practice the skill, and become super duper skilled in that area. Blogging is one such skill, and it takes years to develop.

    1: Follow your Fun, and tie that fun to some pressing problem that you solve.

    2: Learn from 1-2 top blogging mentors.

    3: Practice your writing in a Word document daily.

    4: Create helpful content on your blog and through guest posting.

    5: Connect with leaders and befriend them by commenting genuinely on their blogs, and by promoting them.

    6: Monetize your passions.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    1. learn about SEO and start to create useful content with your niches' keywords.
    2. drive some traffic on it (i'd choose crowd marketing, and then CPA ads)
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    I fell into this very same trap when I started blogging until I realized that in order to make money I would need to write relevant blog post that address pain points of my audience .

    What is your blog about ?

    who is your target audience ?
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    Maryl Smith gave you best answer.
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    Here's what to do...

    If you want a down, dirty, easy, and cheap way to get things going, then try affiliate marketing.

    That does not mean it is going to be smooth sailing, or even easy. There is a learning curve.

    This is what you do...
    • Find an affiliate product in your niche that converts
    • Write three informative blog posts that are helpful to people and softly provide the opportunity to get that affiliate product
    • Make a YouTube video for each of thos blog posts to drive traffic to them... make sure the video is complete and provides value, and the blog post is a follow up for more relevant info
    • Write three articles and submit them to Ezine Articles driving traffic to the blog posts. Like the videos, be sure to be complete in the articles
    • Repeat the above, tweaking your skills as you learn

    Oh, and one more thing... don't give up!
    Don't let Internet Marketing overwhelm you... let's take the journey together! Build Money Machines!
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    Start SEO and share your posts on Facebook. Plan for AdSense to generate revenue.
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