What are your thoughts on the "Free Line"

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What do you think of the "free line"?
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    It may be free to them, but it can sure eat up a lot of your time trying to take advantage of all that "free" stuff.

    There is no free lunch, and get ready for this...there's no free line, either. Someone's paying the price.

    Don't let it be you.

    Just some food for thought...

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      There is no free line - it's imaginary.

      Nothing is free.

      nothing to see here.

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        Did someone say free?
        Nothing is Free.
        Wait! ...... No dang I thought I had one for you , but even it would have cost you something.
        Oh hey, by the way, What is " The Free Line?"
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    It looks very bare and amateurish.

    Sig on vacation...

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    Nothing is "free". There's always a catch.

    If they are giving away tons and tons and tons of content with value, it's just a promotion or prelaunch for their upcoming product launch. So technically, it isn't really free... you just got sold on their product. Same thing with large content site. It's usually trying to get you to click on their ad.

    Of course, there are "rare" exceptions.
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      The "value" or "resulting cost" or "perceived value" of the "free line" is all in the eye of the beholder and is only perception at best...



      Bare Murkage.........

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        I saw a interesting point of view on this lately on Lengendary Marketers about how Gary Ambrose builds his productive lists.

        What I saw was that offering something for free mostly produces list that are not as productive as oppose to offering something for less than a $1

        this eliminated many of the free loaders who have no intention of ever buying anything from you

        if I got it right, offering something worth $30 or more for such a low price became a no brainer and someone who is not willing to invest a measly $1 was not worth having on your list

        I am in the process of testing this, Gary does have a point to this thought process to eliminate these types of people on your list and start with someone who is willing to invest something to better themselves right at the beginning.

        this is why many marketers love sending to their buy list they convert better, so why not start with a buy list with a offer that is a no brainer and get rid of the no brainers right at the beginning

        I think Gary frequents the warrior forum now and then, I am sure he can add more to this

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