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I have £100 pounds to get started with and the following
I have virtual server 5 free domains un- assigned
a landing page template
Merchant account,
membership of three networks jvzoo click junction
accepted for three offers so far
123 hosting,
a heating offer
a travel offer
adwords account £100 credit
bing account with a £200 credit
eCoomerce platform £20 PER mnth
where do I start!!!!
#newbe #request
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    So you want us to create your business plan for you?

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    Kind of a wide open request there. What are you trying to achieve? Doesn't look like you have much money to start promoting your offer. No matter what you business is you need an audience. Do you know who your audience is? Do you know where to find your audience?

    My recommendation would be to find a mentor in your niche and model them.


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    Just start. Build your website, and drive traffic to it. You will fail several times before you figure out what works to do those two things, but when you do figure out what works, scale with paid ads.
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    Ask yourself, where do I want to start?

    If you have more than one, list them all.

    Examples would be affiliate marketing, ecommerce

    Take your time and research each topic one by one and decide one direction that you would like to go in.

    There is no wrong starting point, rely on your instincts when trying to make a tough decision.

    Keep gaining knowledge and experience and most importantly take everything one step at a time. I know that phrase sounds cliché, but when you start having success, you realize how profound that phrase really is.

    Keep us posted on your journey, if there is anything I can do to help, let me know.


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    Pick (1) marketing method, learn it. Master It!

    Pick (1) product.

    Put out consistent energy every day to the marketplace implementing the marketing method that you chose above.

    Read (or listen to) for at least half an hour to a full hour of personal development in your downtime while commuting, jogging or walking your dog ECT.

    This step is like rewiring your brain for success.

    Long term plan. Have one.


    Understand the laws of success are the same in this industry as in any other!
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