The first big key to making a fortune online is . . .

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According to marketing superstar Gary Halbert . . .

The first big key to making a fortune online is ACCESS TO REPUTABLE PEOPLE.

What is Halbert talking about, you ask?

Have you ever noticed what happens when Oprah tells the world about a book she adores or a product she loves? That business gets swamped with orders the very day Oprah mentions it. In many instances, her recommendation alone put that business "on the map."

Halbert found the same thing happens online . . . and in fact, it happened to him on multiple occasions.

Of course, the strategy that Halbert is talking about is called "endorsed mailings" and he goes on to say "it works so much better than regular affiliate marketing."

The concept is simple. Someone with a great product or service approaches a trusted and credible marketer in the same niche with a proposal to share all sales profits generated. Terms are negotiated and all dates, details and procedures are set into place. The offer is then mailed to a large list of subscribers with the endorsement and recommendation of the list owner.

Why does this strategy work so well? Halbert credits all the following:

1- This list owner makes a lot of money just for sending out one email

2- The promotion is mailed to the right targeted crowd who already like and trust the sender

3- The promotion makes good content for bloggers and other list owners

4- The product creator is benefited by "association" and endorsement with the reputable list owner

5- It exposes the product owner to a new audience of targeted prospects and, if the mailing goes well, it opens the door to other future endorsed mailings

One other tip: Halbert suggests a full money-back guarantee for at least 60 days. "As long as the customers can return the product at any time for a full refund no questions asked there is no major down side to mailing the promotion for the list owner. This protects the list owner from tarnishing their reputation or burning out their list."

As a product owner looking for the right list owner to approach, here are some traits Halbert says you should be looking for:

1- Reach. How large and wide is the audience and influence of the list owner in the niche?

2- Connections. What other list owners and niche business owners are already paying attention to the endorser and how can they be included in the distribution of the offer?

3- Honesty. Everyone's reputation is at stake so it is important to provide honesty in offers, case studies, time frames, benefits, and results to be expected, for both prospects and sellers.

4- Security. Always important. Don't compromise confidential contact information, financial transactions, or the trust of buyers in any way.

5- Experience. Look for list owners that are responsive, approachable, fair, and experienced so they understand what you are trying to accomplish and how they will benefit. Chances are good that experienced marketers with big lists are approached regularly. But one caution: you don't want to deal with those that treat you like low-life begging scum. Halbert calls them "self-absorbed pricks" who won't pick up the phone or answer an email from you.

In an effort to help those who would like to try an endorsed mailing of their offer, I would like to ask any members here with large responsive lists what they look for from someone who approaches them to do an endorsed mailing? How do they choose which offers they'll mail? Any and all thoughts are welcomed!

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    Interesting post.

    Certainly a responsive email list (solo ad) is important, but this is just a traffic technique. In order to be complete you need two other components:

    1. a great offer: a product or service that is in demand and you can make money from.

    2. a great system: a system to market / sell the product. You want to capture email address and start building your own list, so even if they don't buy, you can market to them later. You also need to have a sales system (videos, emails, etc.) in place before you start marketing.'


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    Yes, Chris, you are certainly right and I hope that I got the point across about the importance of a great product. Also, I mentioned that endorsed mailings can open up a new audience for the product owner. He will want to have his ducks in a row ahead of the mailing regarding his lead capture and selling systems, that is for sure.

    One slight clarification: I think what Halbert was referring to is more than just an ordinary solo mailing. It includes endorsement and recommendation beyond just an "implied" endorsement given the fact that the mailing was made. I think all ordinary affiliate offers carry implied endorsement.

    When Gary Halbert did endorsed mailings to his list, he added his own true experience and results with a product, stories about how the product was useful in his own trials, case studies about other known successes, his own personal call to action, and other very blatant (not just implied) sales techniques that went way beyond just doing the physical mailing.

    Anyone can do a huge physical mailing by paying for it. IMO, "the secret sauce" to the endorsed mailing strategy is the personality and sales prowess of the list owner and his ability to connect with his subscribers.

    Thanks for the input,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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