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by Judy Wulff 4 replies
Hello, looking for ideas for a domain name for a website that provides tips on travel, shopping, cars, computers, etc... Any ideas?
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    Hi Judy

    With tips do you aim for a site who show best prices
    for specific products, or what will be included in tips?

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    Hi Judy,

    It sounds like you have a wide rangs . . . to you might want to think of a URL like JudysBestConsumerTips or JudysMoneySavingTips. The thing you will find is that a lot of the more general URLs are taken. That's why I suggest using your name or another word so you can communicate the message you want through the URL name and use it for branding.

    It also depends on the topics and the style of your communication. Will you offer lots of content? Will you mainly review products?

    Try to use words that will tell the reader what they will get . . . and then be creative in ways that you can secure the URL by adding a unique word to it.
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    Hi Judy
    Ive been buying and selling domain names for about 5yrs, my experience tells me:
    • the shorter the better
    • try or something similar for name generation
    • Do a search for hot domain names, niche domains, use words like unleashed and instant and fast.
    • Seem you have several topics to be covered, try using portal,index,resources,etc in the domain name itself
    • if at all possible, but variations of the domain name
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